August 28th, 2006

Sasha Blaze

Claudine makes her debut on LJ. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Hihi! It's Claudine here. The cute one, remember? Anyway. Cynthia is feeling kinda icky today, so she didn't pay much attention when I asked if I could play with her big fancy camera. It's HEAVY, jeez. But I only dropped it once. I don't think I broke it.

Anyway. Pen helped me some. This is the first picture I took. I figured out how to work the timer all by myself! These are Pen's new glasses that came aaaaaall the way from Japan, because he's the ooooooooldest and he's Cynthia's faaaaaaavorite, but of course I'm not jealous or anything. After all, I'm a Limited and I have beautiful peachy resin and a very special faceup, AND my picture is on the official Customhouse website, so there. Anyway, Pen looks like a total geek, but I bet Jenna will still think he's cute. Maybe she needs glasses, too. My wig was a present from Ms. Mercy in California, isn't it cool? It's EXACTLY the same color as an orange sherbet push-up pop, yum.

Pen says I should have taken the time to photoshop that picture so it would look decent, but I say if he wanted it photoshopped he should have photoshopped it himself.

ANYway. Then I went around and took pictures of the big guys. Only, Etienne wouldn't come out of his box, and Kanbei and Sejong hid on top of the bookcase. The scaredycats. It's not MY fault if they're weird-looking and not very photogenic.

I didn't have to look up that word in the dictionary, either.

Pen says I'm supposed to make a cut tag thingy so I don't picspam my LJ--okay, okay, Cynthia's LJ--so I will.

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