July 28th, 2007

Sasha Blaze

Saturday blither

The sun is shining, but it's thundering.

The hotbed of Angst, Drama, Resentment, and Funnel Cakes that is the county fair has descended on my little town. [mixed metaphor, ook!] I took my Open Class entries to the exhibit building this morning and was verbally whapped by one of the knitting-class superintendents, but had a fun reunion with my basketmaking buddies when I went over to that table. Feelings do run high in the knitting section; I've noticed that before. (But I gather the real backstabbing happens in the canning and photography classes. *shiver*) What I entered: my big two-handled picnic basket, a BJD Icelandic, and a striped cardigan that I knitted for myself. I didn't get organized enough to have any of my photographs printed and matted this year, though I wish I had; it wouldn't have won anything, but I would have enjoyed entering one of those portraits of Mally Lee in her Regency negligee. Still, there's always next year!

The Unique Demian will soon have a wonderful new home (including another Demian to hang out with), if all goes according to plan. Much relief here, and he can stop looking at me reproachfully anytime now. ;-)

Hearty applause for everyone who's name-checked and/or bylined in the latest issue of FDQ! I just finished leafing through my copy, and enjoyed it a lot. (That doesn't stop me from wanting to proofread it, but that thar do be an occupational hazard.)

Saturday evening: back to add a picture of Jamie the Mogwa just because I think he's so cute. And now I'm a little sorry I sold these teal Gumdrops eyes, though I liked them much less in person than I do in this picture.