August 3rd, 2007

Deadly Mally

Aaaaaaand they're off!

Masha has turned up on Y!J.
Gonna be settling in to watch this one with a tall cool drink and a tub of popcorn, yup.

And I hope tubbysnuggles doesn't mind, but I'm about to POP over here, because this one is MINEmineminemineallmine! Many joyful squees and hugs of thanks for my dear friend, who snagged her for me. Picture by Sher:

She's going off for a new faceup as soon as she gets here, so I'm holding off on a name until I see how she turns out . . . but I think she might be Sanna.

Have to go pick up my entries from the fair, and see whether the grapevine is accurate--the word is that I made out like a bandit. Which, knowing our fair, probably means $6 in premiums. ;)