November 29th, 2009


Giving new meaning to the phrase "project doll."

There won't be anything in this post that's news to catcara, fairemma, or toveb, since they're all Production Ariadne initiates--but I thought it might be handy to keep a record here of my progress with the Strangest BJD in the World.

I've had this creature girl resin being since way back in April, but haven't quite summoned up the energy to start on the work that she'll need to become a doll rather than a garage-kit-in-progress. Something about this morning's combination of writing a Board of Regents program review for the art department and cleaning up mouse-infestation debris in my kitchen cupboards made me think, "hey, sanding resin doesn't sound so bad after all."

For starters, here's as much as I think anyone outside Japan probably knows about Ariadne and his amazing oddball dolly. The link goes to a discussion thread in Larger Dolls on DoA (membership isn't required to view this subforum):

And now, tons of pictures so that I can figure out how to put her back together again someday. There's resin nudity behind the cut, needless to say:

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