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Kanbei in pewter brocade
Sasha Blaze
Or, give him a black wig and hello, it's Fei Long Liu! Gorgeous Chinese silk suit, courtesy of Devon/aznbutterfly (I have an equally gorgeous gold cheongsam with trousers, just you wait!)

I'm running late to get to the office for a meeting (WTF??? It's *spring break*!), so hippity-hoppity-picspam:


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Wow... ::drool::

NICE! He's a hawty. :D

Very nice look for him and it matches the greyish wig. He looks so distinguished and calm...


I'm really liking the default eyes and wig--I don't think I'll tackle the hot glue for a while yet. But there will be a long black wig in his future, I do believe.

me: the gray of the eyes and clothes. Really nice. mmm mmm edible.

Ohhh, he looks great! Very nice outfit, and yeah, his default eyes are just lovely.

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