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Dollmore tweed jacket for Hound FS
Sasha Blaze
Editing to add another nice piece that I've used all of once, and probably won't use again: this jacket from Dollmore (http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=1230). Here's Lyon wearing it:

$40 postage paid anywhere, or offers are always welcome . . .

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I...think I want them. I don't get paid again until Friday, though. Would that be ok? ;_;

Oh, you BET--I'm not in any hurry at all, just trying to bring a little order to this disaster of a house . . .

Yay! I'm already imagining a photoshoot with Xiyang Jin wearing those...shirtless of course. XD;

If you'd like to send me your PayPal address (thesaraghina@livejournal.com) I can send out payment first thing Friday morning. ^_^

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