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Pre-emptive mourning for my lovely spring break

Thursday already. *sigh* Must get myself off the couch to take a pile of unloved CDs, etc. to the CD trade-in place, and see whether the new comic store in town has a manga section.

Pictures to come of Sejong in the gold cheongsam, once the sun moves a little further to the west. I find that I can't put him in modern/casual clothes without feeling that he's displeased and uncomfortable. Jeans and no shirt may be a possibility, though finding masculine-enough jeans to fit his little body will be an interesting problem; my Claudine-sized jeans are all flared or otherwise girly.

I finally sort-of-managed to capture the blue of the Masterpiece Precious Stone eyes that Lyon is wearing right now, along with his air of "I am a graduate student in philosophy, and you are not." Note to self: read the
@*#$&! camera manual, already.

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