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Pre-emptive mourning for my lovely spring break
Sasha Blaze
Thursday already. *sigh* Must get myself off the couch to take a pile of unloved CDs, etc. to the CD trade-in place, and see whether the new comic store in town has a manga section.

Pictures to come of Sejong in the gold cheongsam, once the sun moves a little further to the west. I find that I can't put him in modern/casual clothes without feeling that he's displeased and uncomfortable. Jeans and no shirt may be a possibility, though finding masculine-enough jeans to fit his little body will be an interesting problem; my Claudine-sized jeans are all flared or otherwise girly.

I finally sort-of-managed to capture the blue of the Masterpiece Precious Stone eyes that Lyon is wearing right now, along with his air of "I am a graduate student in philosophy, and you are not." Note to self: read the
@*#$&! camera manual, already.


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He looks yummy! Have fun at the comic store!

Wheeee! Thanks for visiting--this is too darn much fun . . .

The comic store was a sad disappointment, BTW. Though the guy who runs it has a shaved head and an eyepatch, which at least made the experience more visually interesting.

He does look rather studious. ^_^

I was taking pictures for Sabriell's request on DoA (Dollmore clothes for Hound/Bermann), and I think one of the ones I posted there shows his armload of thick academic-looking books, lol. Then, of course, he collapsed and refused to pose any more. Life with Hound, Part 876b.

Very nice! I love the MP eyes...but then I discovered the S&K!!! Eyes, eyes, eyes...yep!

Manga?! You are also augmenting that with good ol' American graphic novels, right?

*frowns a bit at lack of general story-telling in Manga yummy goodness*

Oy. I'm up to my ears in story IRL (occupational hazard), so the utter brainless floofiness of your average manga plotline is really appealing to me during off-hours.

Someday I'll grow up and graduate to the true graphic novel. Promise. :-)

Aw! He's rather foppish and rogue-ish! What a handsome fellow!

The smirk! I love the smirk! I don't catch it very often in pictures. ;-)

Hey, he must go to the same school as Orien, the graduate student in History! They have the same jacket, you see. Heeeh!

Those eyes are pretty. I like him in that wig, too.

*snerk* it's a graduate school from a manga series, where all the pretty boys wear uniforms . . .

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