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Well, okay, as long as I'm in a selling mood . . . anyone for a spoiled 60cm Narin?
Sasha Blaze
I've thought about this long and hard, and . . . I really think Etienne needs a new home. He's a beauty, and it's impossible to take a bad picture of him, but somehow I can't wrap my mind around him the way I can with the others. And with Saint, Sooah, and my artist-head boy coming home in the next several weeks, I'm feeling the need to clear the decks.

I'll throw this out to my flist and your flists for a few days, just to see if anyone here is interested, then take him to DoA or eBay.

The nitty-gritty: no scars, marks, or other problems. He's the pinky-white Narindoll resin, and has the Narin default faceup with slight enhancement and eyelashes added by Dollmore. He will come with his default PJs, default brown wig, and the spiky Narindoll red wig and snow-kaguya outfit from the infamous "hello, there!" photoshoot (no boots or jewelry, though). Just to refresh your memory about the clothes and wigs:

Email me if you're interested, 'k? drmatilda AT cableone DOT net

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good luck. I've had my Narin on Ebay for a few months and no takers. I think because they are fairly easy to buy, it makes it harder to sell them. Crossing my fingers for both you and me :)

All too true--and while there's a lot of interest in Narae, the boys seem to be less popular. Still, one never knows . . . good luck to both of us!

Good luck with the sale..he is so handsome i am sure anyone would be happy to give him a new home :)

I do hope so! Thanks for the good luck--

Oh! He is so exotically handsome - the second pic just slays me! Best of luck with this - it does sound as though you need to clear a bit of mental real estate. The Market...is not so good...so go in with your eyes open. Ebay may be better...but even that could be questionable - you're including some nice goodies and he is exquisite - so start with DoA and mabye a small layaway!

That's an excellent idea, because layaway would be no problem at all for me (except for keeping the books straight). Getting the money isn't the issue here, but the mental real estate most definitely IS. :-)

Because . . . as of last night, my Saint is on the plane from Korea!

Nyah~~~ Don't tempt me.. TT_TT

Hee! If you don't get one of the DoT boys that you want, and think you'd be interested, I'm perfectly fine with layaway or whatever. And of course we could negotiate price.

He's utterly gorgeous -- I wish I could offer him a home!!

*kicks empty bank account*

BTW, I added you on LJ, hope you don't mind ^-^

Best of luck finding the perfect place for him!

-- Andi <3<3

Ooooo, I'm glad you did! *toddling over to friend you back*

And, really, I'm betting that when your bank account isn't empty, he'll still be here . . . I just thought I'd float a trial balloon and see whether anybody unexpectedly grabbed at the dangling ribbon . . . ;-)

Good idea!! Somebody could be out there RIGHT NOW, wistfully dreaming about him :D

(Dangit, if I had a regular income, I'd pounce . . . but my dolly purchases really have to be planned out months in advance since I'm not working, and I'm actually pretty happy with where my 'family' stands right now, once we get a few of them home from their various visits)

See you soon!

-- A :>

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