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Mixed feelings
Sasha Blaze
Of the good: SA Saint arrived at the Emporia post office an hour ago, and so did the package from Dollmore with the haori/hakama set I bought for him (because in my mind's eye he needs very sober, very shadowy kinds of clothes). I plan to duck out of the office and be home when the mail carrier comes, even though that's a fairly wide window of opportunity. There's plenty of correspondence and class-planning stuff I can work on here for a couple of hours, if it comes to that.

Of the not-so-good: I'm not feeling up to par at all, haven't been for several days now, and I'm tired of spending the middle of the night awake and, as Mom would have said, urpy. I'm sure it's work-anxiety with a side order of bad evening-meal choices, because I had a relaxed Saturday and then a lovely Sunday visiting with good friends. (*waving to dear G. and C.*) Oh, it's the same old, same old, and I can fix at least half of this easily, with a bit of discipline and some sensible grocery shopping; relief is in sight for the other half, too. That said--hugs to everyone on the flist (and not!) who's dealing with real worries and real sickness, and bearing with my whining here about phantom ones.

Of the good, Part Deux: I think the fake-Icelandic sweater is turning out to be a success. The upside of being awake in the middle of the night is that I've gotten a fair old amount of knitting done. It's Hound size, and I'll finish it sometime this week--pictures to come when that happens. Experiment #3 will be SD13 boy size (yes, tubbysnuggles, I promise!), and I'm going to try the hem/cuffs stripe pattern that I saw in one of the new fall catalogues . . .

While I'm thinking about BJD sweaters: I lean toward turtlenecks, because--um, because I just do, heh. No, I do have my reasons: turtlenecks tend to look tidier, I think, especially in yarn that would be bulky-weight for the doll (which is what I'm using for these experiments. I love bulky sweaters on cute guys, plus right now I'm not in the mood to take a month knitting up fine yarn, only to find that my idea looks like garbage in the end). But are there strong feelings on the flist about the charms of other neckline options: rollneck (as in "the J. Crew sweater," you know the one I mean), crewneck, V-neck?

And before I knock it off and get ready for work: in the spirit of research, I watched The Last Samurai on AMC last night, for the first time. (For those who can't read my mind . . . I'm working on a three-week class about the image of the samurai on film and in popular culture, to teach next summer.) My brain wants to rant about the racist/nationalist/utterly ahistorical politics of the thing, with Tom Cruise, #*$#&!%, lecturing the Meiji emperor, for God's sake, about his policies (and the Meiji emperor listening to him like a schoolboy, I mean, I know he was only sixteen when he ascended, but CAN WE GET REAL HERE FOR A MINUTE?) Not to mention Tom Cruise, #*$#&!%, lecturing a learned and experienced samurai clan leader about military tactics that he could and should easily have invented for himself without the little classics lesson, thank you very much. And I won't even go into the final business with the samurai widow because my stomach is upset already, but you can all take the whole disquisition as read, right?

However, other parts of me just want to go ooooooo Ken Watanabe is hot and so is his sidekick guy with the attitude and zomg I may have to buy the DVD just so I can rewatch that first scene of the samurai riding out of the mist about four thousand times. . . . So, on balance, I think it's a "go" for the class--probably for the last week, when I'll have the students more acclimated to a Japanese point of view and readier to notice what's going on in this movie.

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I am casting a vote for jcrew rollnecks please -- that will work up just fine in bulky yarn, and actually I really like plain, which is of course less work than doing some sort of icelandic collar on one. .... and ps how do you get a link in there to my lj? that's cool beans.

as i said in my email - wish you'd buy a bottle of sleeping pills. JUST the kind that have a sleep aid in them. i take one every, oh, 3 weeks or so, when I just KNOW i'm not gonna be able to sleep, and they work great yet you WILL wake up if you have to pee, or if you hear something - they aren't THAT potent. and you've gotta get your sleep! i'm so sorry you still feel urpy.

can't wait to see your saint - must get pics asap!!!

Oooo, the lovely LJ user tag!
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Oooo, the lovely LJ user tag! <ljSPACEuser=BLANK> (with the name typed in where the blank is, and, well, a space where the space is . . .)

I think I would be sleeping okay if it weren't for the urpiness--basically, I need to stop compensating for other things with tasty but unhealthy food. Go figure. But it won't hurt to have a little help on hand for justincase, so, yes, good advice!

And I need to dig out my rollneck pattern from a coupla years ago . . . how would Oliver feel about olive (heh) yarn with navy flecks? Or I have a ton of sportweight/light worsted solids, too, after my birthday binge in Lawrence.

i think he'd like anything!!! since i haven't met him yet, i'm thinking he's not very picky, lol...

oo thankee about the code, tha'ts cool beans!!

Actually, I thought there had to be quotes?

[lj user="tubbysnuggles"], for example. (Hopefully that won't be mangled when it comes out -- substitute pointy brackets for square ones)

I can't wait to see the sweater! I vote for V-necks just because I love dolly necks and collarbones . . . and jewelry . . . but turtlenecks are awesome, too! How do you handle getting it over the head? *curious*

I had mixed feelings about "The Last Samurai," too -- if I watched it as TOTAL FICTION and just enjoyed the non-Cruise parts, it worked out okay. And it was soooo pretttyyy and soooo sad. Le sigh.

-- A <3<3

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