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Introducing . . .
Sasha Blaze
. . . well, for the time being let's just call him o-samurai-sama, because he isn't answering to any of the names on my pre-arrival shortlist. To my horror, he appears to like the name Torao, which was NOT my first, seventh, or even fifteenth choice. (I mean, really: if I named him Torao, then I would have Lyon and a tiger. Informal audience survey: is this too facetious even for me?)

Anyway. O-samurai-sama and I went out into the back yard when I got home from work, alarming the neighbors on both sides and amusing passersby in cars:

Nope, I haven't conquered the new camera yet. Not by a long shot. But I won't spare you, even so.

And one indoor shot:

Initial thoughts: I like the gray eyes, but these 14mms look too big. I'm going to swap them for Shunshou's 12mm gray Glastics and see what I think. His eyebrows are quite a bit unhappier than I wanted; he may need to go away for a little touchup at some point. And despite everything zagzagael said about the teeniness of the Saint head, I still have to say . . . WOW, his head is teeny! Time to break out the wigs that are too small on everybody else.

I love this sculpt.

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That he is. And, er, grouchy. But I knew that going in. ;-)

Thanks! <3

JINTARO is looking most handsome! (heh heh)

And you didn't send me pictures or a link to this... you're fired! LOL ;)

I really love him! Despite his micro head, and I love his eyebrows. ^_^

I JUST put it up! I was about to email you!! Honest!

LOLOL . . . don't fire your anime pusher, dummy . . . oh, no, wait. You're MY anime pusher. Whoops.

It may be Jintaro yet, grrrrrr. ;-) I'm going to try him in a pair of jeans and some different wigs, and see what happens.

I like him a lot!

How you picture him, he reminds me of a superhero. I don't have ANY idea why. Maybe it's the smexy glasses.

The glasses, and the haori, and the general air of grumpy resignation to the duty of Saving the Universe . . .

He really is something. I like him a lot, too! <3 <3 <3

O.O !!!!

with the right glasses, glove and a very large bow...
Uryu Ishida!!

he got that look...ooohhhhh

(sorry, got carried away by his look :)

Oh, yeah . . . I love Uryu! I was thinking the same thing before this guy even arrived, and reflecting on my deep and abiding weakness for manga boys with glasses and bad attitudes.

Though, thinking of Bleach, I'm not sure I love Uryu QUITE as much as Hat-and-Clogs, whom I adore with an insane adoration. ;-)

I have a hard time deciding which guy I like the best, they all have their moments. But I like it when they make Ichigo all serious and adult like. Boy, Saint really does look like Uryu. Very cool.

But I gotta say, I miss my Spike...

Hehehe... So long as they never combine and create a "Lyger". XD He looks good! :D

Oh, jeez . . . no, we can't have that . . . *snorfle*

I just switched him into Finavon green MP eyes and a bright wine wig--it's a little gaudy, but interesting. (And at last I get a doll that doesn't default to blond! ;-)

these pics are just awesome! love the one of him touching his glasses...

and um.. TWELVE mm eyes on a doll this size? i'm in astonishment over THAT even more than his teeny head! wow! can't wait to see how those look!!!!!!!

Yup, 12mm for sure--I just tried the ones I have, and while the colors aren't quite right, the size definitely is (at least to my eye; the camera may think otherwise). Amazing, huh? If anything, his eyeholes are a little smaller than Shunshou's.

So studious and serious , I love the glasses.

It's AWFUL to admit that I bought a very expensive doll just so he could wear these glasses, but . . . I sorta did. Darkwood is not writing satire, you know? It's simple reporting. ;-)

Oh, C!!! He is just elegantly wonderful! What a regal addition to your crew - all your boys are sooooo dignified!

The larger eyes really can detract from his handsome features - although that doesn't seem to be a problem here. But if you think they are - then you will be thrilled with 12mms! I found on my boy that the larger eyes make him a bit cross-eyed.

Can't wait to see the places he'll take you - and you look like you're doing well with the new camera. Your lens is doing a fabo job of blurring out your backgrounds - nice bokeh, baby! ;)

Oooo, thank you!!! He *is* wonderful--a bit temperamental at this point, but utterly wonderful. (I can't remember whether Lyon was as kicky and resistant to sitting up as this guy is, during the early days . . . but probably so.) I'm so glad that Luts sent gray default eyes, even though I do want to fiddle with the size.

Where he's taken me so far is into buying madness: two new pairs of Masterpiece eyes JUST FOR HIM, already. And he's been here for less than 24 hours. ^_^

he's really handsome and looks so real. i think your photos are wonderful.

Aw, thank you, Paul! The way this lens blurs out backgrounds is perfect for making BJDs look real in outdoor pictures--that's something I've struggled with. That nice blur helps to hide the fact that the blades of grass are out of scale with the figure, whee!

*worshipful adoration*

OMG. He's just too perfect. I love his intensity . . . and, you're right, he does have that slightly grumpy superhero-resignation . . . "Oh, all right, I'll go save the world AGAIN -- and I was just getting into this book, too!"

-- A :D :D :D

"But first I need to clean my glasses."

ROTFLMAO! Yes, I go all googly over the heroic boys with weapons and bad eyesight . . . Jin (lovely messed-up HAWT Jin), Uryu, whatshername's brother in Kurogane, Yamanami in Peacemaker (sniffle, poor doomed Yamanami). . .

Oh Cynthia, he's gorgeous. Is he a BW? Where did you get him? I know Anu's shop is not shipping very quickly at this time.

He's from Luts; I was torn between a Tensiya faceup and a Luts one, and since I didn't have a doll painted by Luts, I went that way this time. I'm very happy with the faceup overall, but I still wish I could have Tensiya eyebrows for him . . .

And no, he's normal skin, but it's quite pale, even so--I can't imagine how ghostly the true white skin would be!

I do love him...^^ He's a SA?

I've been talking to Momo and I guess the rainy season really has slowed things up. I'm getting a natural resin Saint. If the production ever gets into the swing of things again. Plus, the artist only does a couple of dolls a month.

Yup, this guy's an SA--I was also torn between the regular and SA, but I was afraid that if I got a regular, he would wind up looking exactly like zagzagael's. The tidal pull of all that beauty is just too strong for me. ;-)

Oooooo, another Saint on LJ!!! *bouncing happily* It is a fascinating face, and the small head poised on that long-necked Mannerist body is--quite something. (Modigliani redux.) After wrapping him in all those layers to begin with, I now have him sitting around shirtless, in a pair of ragged Cheerydoll jeans. The minimal clothing also suits him well, but I'm still fussing over wigs. I think his hair needs to be off his face a little more; I'll be off to find small bobby pins next, I guess.

Wow what a gorgeous Saint~!! The glasses suit him really well ^_^

((Hey I saw your photos on DoA and linked back to your LJ. I added you to my LJ list, I hope you don't mind))

Hi, and welcome!! Glad to have you here--

I'm really smitten with him, bad temper and all . . . ^_^

(Deleted comment)
Awwww, thank you! But I had really mastered the old point-&-shoot, and I hate feeling so fumble-fingered and uncertain with the new rig. This, too, will pass.

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