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Introducing . . .
Sasha Blaze
. . . well, for the time being let's just call him o-samurai-sama, because he isn't answering to any of the names on my pre-arrival shortlist. To my horror, he appears to like the name Torao, which was NOT my first, seventh, or even fifteenth choice. (I mean, really: if I named him Torao, then I would have Lyon and a tiger. Informal audience survey: is this too facetious even for me?)

Anyway. O-samurai-sama and I went out into the back yard when I got home from work, alarming the neighbors on both sides and amusing passersby in cars:

Nope, I haven't conquered the new camera yet. Not by a long shot. But I won't spare you, even so.

And one indoor shot:

Initial thoughts: I like the gray eyes, but these 14mms look too big. I'm going to swap them for Shunshou's 12mm gray Glastics and see what I think. His eyebrows are quite a bit unhappier than I wanted; he may need to go away for a little touchup at some point. And despite everything zagzagael said about the teeniness of the Saint head, I still have to say . . . WOW, his head is teeny! Time to break out the wigs that are too small on everybody else.

I love this sculpt.

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Oh, yeah . . . I love Uryu! I was thinking the same thing before this guy even arrived, and reflecting on my deep and abiding weakness for manga boys with glasses and bad attitudes.

Though, thinking of Bleach, I'm not sure I love Uryu QUITE as much as Hat-and-Clogs, whom I adore with an insane adoration. ;-)

I have a hard time deciding which guy I like the best, they all have their moments. But I like it when they make Ichigo all serious and adult like. Boy, Saint really does look like Uryu. Very cool.

But I gotta say, I miss my Spike...

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