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Introducing . . .
Sasha Blaze
. . . well, for the time being let's just call him o-samurai-sama, because he isn't answering to any of the names on my pre-arrival shortlist. To my horror, he appears to like the name Torao, which was NOT my first, seventh, or even fifteenth choice. (I mean, really: if I named him Torao, then I would have Lyon and a tiger. Informal audience survey: is this too facetious even for me?)

Anyway. O-samurai-sama and I went out into the back yard when I got home from work, alarming the neighbors on both sides and amusing passersby in cars:

Nope, I haven't conquered the new camera yet. Not by a long shot. But I won't spare you, even so.

And one indoor shot:

Initial thoughts: I like the gray eyes, but these 14mms look too big. I'm going to swap them for Shunshou's 12mm gray Glastics and see what I think. His eyebrows are quite a bit unhappier than I wanted; he may need to go away for a little touchup at some point. And despite everything zagzagael said about the teeniness of the Saint head, I still have to say . . . WOW, his head is teeny! Time to break out the wigs that are too small on everybody else.

I love this sculpt.

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Oh Cynthia, he's gorgeous. Is he a BW? Where did you get him? I know Anu's shop is not shipping very quickly at this time.

He's from Luts; I was torn between a Tensiya faceup and a Luts one, and since I didn't have a doll painted by Luts, I went that way this time. I'm very happy with the faceup overall, but I still wish I could have Tensiya eyebrows for him . . .

And no, he's normal skin, but it's quite pale, even so--I can't imagine how ghostly the true white skin would be!

I do love him...^^ He's a SA?

I've been talking to Momo and I guess the rainy season really has slowed things up. I'm getting a natural resin Saint. If the production ever gets into the swing of things again. Plus, the artist only does a couple of dolls a month.

Yup, this guy's an SA--I was also torn between the regular and SA, but I was afraid that if I got a regular, he would wind up looking exactly like zagzagael's. The tidal pull of all that beauty is just too strong for me. ;-)

Oooooo, another Saint on LJ!!! *bouncing happily* It is a fascinating face, and the small head poised on that long-necked Mannerist body is--quite something. (Modigliani redux.) After wrapping him in all those layers to begin with, I now have him sitting around shirtless, in a pair of ragged Cheerydoll jeans. The minimal clothing also suits him well, but I'm still fussing over wigs. I think his hair needs to be off his face a little more; I'll be off to find small bobby pins next, I guess.

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