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Atsumori Goes to College, or, sweater experiment II
Sasha Blaze
I like this one. Will tweak a couple of things when I make another (and will take better pictures later, too), but, generally speaking, this is exactly what I had in mind when I started.

The cheongsam is from killbill on DoA--nice person, and very good seamstress. These are 12mm Masterpiece eyes in Teakwood; they photograph MUCH lighter than they look in person. Interesting.


(7 a.m. Thursday, blinds closed, results not bad considering there was no light and I was handholding the camera.)
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Wow!!! He is REALLY coming along! The sweater is gorgeous - just beautifully done and the colours - lovely!

But that cheongsam is a perfect look for him with his new eyes!!! Can we get close-ups of that beautiful face?

It's funny - I've got a houseful of naked angels and it suits me, but when I think of your house full of meticulously turned out Asian scholars and warriors...I swoon!!!

I do have a fantasy of someday seeing your houseful of naked angels alongside my houseful of overdressed clothes hounds (heh) . . . though until teleportation becomes practical and affordable, the logistics will be a little, um, difficult. This country is too darn big! ;-)

Closeups are still a struggle for me with the new camera, but I'm getting the hang of the 50mm portrait lens at last, I think. More to come!!

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