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Atsumori Goes to College, or, sweater experiment II
Sasha Blaze
I like this one. Will tweak a couple of things when I make another (and will take better pictures later, too), but, generally speaking, this is exactly what I had in mind when I started.

The cheongsam is from killbill on DoA--nice person, and very good seamstress. These are 12mm Masterpiece eyes in Teakwood; they photograph MUCH lighter than they look in person. Interesting.


(7 a.m. Thursday, blinds closed, results not bad considering there was no light and I was handholding the camera.)
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(Deleted comment)
Isn't it odd, the dolls that work for us and the dolls that don't? I sent off my one little-kid BJD (CH Little Jr. Jupiter) to a new home over the weekend; I loved him, he was adorable, but I completely ran out of ideas for him about two weeks into his stay with me. It's the big guys for me, with only an occasional variation.

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