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Atsumori Goes to College, or, sweater experiment II
Sasha Blaze
I like this one. Will tweak a couple of things when I make another (and will take better pictures later, too), but, generally speaking, this is exactly what I had in mind when I started.

The cheongsam is from killbill on DoA--nice person, and very good seamstress. These are 12mm Masterpiece eyes in Teakwood; they photograph MUCH lighter than they look in person. Interesting.


(7 a.m. Thursday, blinds closed, results not bad considering there was no light and I was handholding the camera.)
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The sweater is fantastic (how long until you start selling them? Sell them! Sellllll theeemmmmm! Orien's a sweater boy and yours are the only ones I've seen that look masculine, have perfectly-scaled stitches, etc.) It looks perfect with those jeans, too. Who did the jeans? They're hawt.

But then I clicked the cut and the first cheongsam photo made my heart jump. What a face on him, my god.

Isn't his face amazing?? Guh. I spent a LARGE portion of yesterday afternoon just sitting and staring at him. (And to think I made speeches to my friends a year or two ago about how I couldn't stand grumpy/sad/unhappy dolls . . .)

*blush* for the sweater compliments, and just hang on, because you betcha I'm going to sell them! The Fall Collection will be coming along in, say, September, or whenever my current knitting binge loses momentum. (I always have a July/August spurt of doll sweater enthusiasm, until the fall semester really sits down on me.) I do want to knit at least a couple more Dollshe-sized Icelandics, because I have those yummy tweedy alpaca yarns I bought for my birthday, and one of them is demanding a grey-blue/caramel/terracotta yoke pattern. I think. We'll see. (*cackling gleefully*)

Thank you SO much for remembering how badly I wanted this sweater for Orien!! And I can't wait to see what else you do. I loooved the photos of your birthday yarnballs - wanted to pet them! - so I'm excited to see what's to come.

Where DID those foxy blue jeans come from?

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