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More of that sweater . . .
Sasha Blaze

And, for zagzagael, more of the pretty face:

He's looking better from a slight angle than full-face, I think; maybe that's a personality thing?

Dollshe legs are love. So are these Cheerydoll jeans (hi, Karin!).

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Love the sweater.^^
I did one with an "Fair Isle" yoak on circular needles...that was tough!!
Another was done on 4 needles, but I think the one with the open back is the best.^^

Did you ask Lutz for a special faceup? He's very nicely done....I really do like him very much.^^

See, left to myself, I would knit only in the round--I love working with double-pointed needles. A couple of years ago, when I first started knitting for Pen, I was authenticity-mad and refused to make back openings because I wanted his sweaters to be as real as possible. But it *is* a pain (not to mention hazardous to faceups) to pull turtlenecks over BJD heads, so now I'm knitting flat from the yoke upward, then adding snaps at the back opening.

I cherry-picked features from all the Luts Dollshe faceups on their website, and sent them a list of what I wanted when I placed the order: "lips from Husky, eyebrows from IM Hound, eyeshading from . . ." etc. thelyn gave me that tip, and it worked beautifully! I could wish his eyebrows were just a little darker, but that's a tiny quibble.

Just a quick comment hijack, C. Volks says ALWAYS remove the head before dressing. And DollShe heads are easypeasy to take off!

Oh, yes . . . I need to train myself to do the Right Thing. I'm just a lazy bum. (Also, I was brainwashed early on by Custom House heads, which are the furthest possible thing from easypeasy to mess with.)

yeahh i'm all for knitting in ONE color only, go you for doing fair isle on this scale!!!!!!!

he is very angsty. beautiful boy....... gorgeous sweater... rawr!!

Oh, sheesh, this was easy--size 7 needles, worsted-weight yarn, it was a breeze. Now, Fair Isle in Tyler scale, THAT will land you in the opthalmologist's office. ;-)

Which reminds me--I need to go try on the new frames I ordered!

Crankypants-san thanks you for the compliment. ^_^

You are the classic sweater queen. You know that, right? He's gorgeous. Just absolutely gorgeous and I can see through your lens that you're falling for this tall drink of water. Yummy.

I find that the Saint mold is good with that 3/4 profile - he's a bit...deep set in the eyes and they are closely-set and that may be the "issue." You've also got the slack afternoon cat and I think he does need to be shot like this. The smaller irises really help.

I'm floored by his beauty. Just floored. Ya did good.

My fashion sense was so totally formed by the classic preppy early 1980s, LOL. Men in Sweaters = Lurve.

This boy is very, very special. He isn't replacing any of the others in my affections, I don't think, but for now . . . I'm having a great time focusing more or less exclusively on him.

Phwarrrrrrrrrrr! He looks so sexy! I love chunky knits! What fabby, fabby pictures. Gorgeous guy and yummy, yummy sweater :) ♥ ♥ ♥
I love knitting fair isle too. I find it so much easier than cables - never could get the hang of transferring sts without dropping everything!

My problem with cables is that I always lose track of which row I'm supposed to turn the cable on! And in tight places like doll sweaters, moving the stitches is a pain. (I started an intricate cabled sweater in Tonner Tyler size a year ago--US size 3-0 needles, laceweight yarn, one of Becky Colvin's lovely patterns--but I doubt that I'll ever finish it. I could only stand to knit one or two rows at a time, because the job was so nervewracking.)

I wish I had made myself practice until I learned to knit with one color in each hand, but I gave up on that too early. Colorwork is a little tedious by the drop-strand-pick-up-second-one method, but in this scale there isn't enough of the fiddly bit to make me crazy.

Aww wow~!!! He has the most beautifully face~! And those eyes are gorgeous ^o^ He fuels my love for Dollshe Saints :3

I REALLY like these eyes--12mm is definitely the right size for him. (Actually, I think 10mm would even work . . . he has teeny, teeny eyeholes!)

heh Yeah I bought 12mm pale blue cat eyes for my SA Husky in the distant future. Probably won't see much of them XD

It's funny -- I've seen so many supernatural, ethereal, dangerous, or menacing Saints . . . that one in a Fair Isle sweater gives me a moment of pause -- hee!!

He certainly is gorgeous, and the outfit suits him quite well :D

-- A <3<3

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