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More of that sweater . . .
Sasha Blaze

And, for zagzagael, more of the pretty face:

He's looking better from a slight angle than full-face, I think; maybe that's a personality thing?

Dollshe legs are love. So are these Cheerydoll jeans (hi, Karin!).

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Love the sweater.^^
I did one with an "Fair Isle" yoak on circular needles...that was tough!!
Another was done on 4 needles, but I think the one with the open back is the best.^^

Did you ask Lutz for a special faceup? He's very nicely done....I really do like him very much.^^

See, left to myself, I would knit only in the round--I love working with double-pointed needles. A couple of years ago, when I first started knitting for Pen, I was authenticity-mad and refused to make back openings because I wanted his sweaters to be as real as possible. But it *is* a pain (not to mention hazardous to faceups) to pull turtlenecks over BJD heads, so now I'm knitting flat from the yoke upward, then adding snaps at the back opening.

I cherry-picked features from all the Luts Dollshe faceups on their website, and sent them a list of what I wanted when I placed the order: "lips from Husky, eyebrows from IM Hound, eyeshading from . . ." etc. thelyn gave me that tip, and it worked beautifully! I could wish his eyebrows were just a little darker, but that's a tiny quibble.

Just a quick comment hijack, C. Volks says ALWAYS remove the head before dressing. And DollShe heads are easypeasy to take off!

Oh, yes . . . I need to train myself to do the Right Thing. I'm just a lazy bum. (Also, I was brainwashed early on by Custom House heads, which are the furthest possible thing from easypeasy to mess with.)

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