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More of that sweater . . .
Sasha Blaze

And, for zagzagael, more of the pretty face:

He's looking better from a slight angle than full-face, I think; maybe that's a personality thing?

Dollshe legs are love. So are these Cheerydoll jeans (hi, Karin!).

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yeahh i'm all for knitting in ONE color only, go you for doing fair isle on this scale!!!!!!!

he is very angsty. beautiful boy....... gorgeous sweater... rawr!!

Oh, sheesh, this was easy--size 7 needles, worsted-weight yarn, it was a breeze. Now, Fair Isle in Tyler scale, THAT will land you in the opthalmologist's office. ;-)

Which reminds me--I need to go try on the new frames I ordered!

Crankypants-san thanks you for the compliment. ^_^

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