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What people in small towns do in the summertime.
Sasha Blaze
That would be "enter things in the county fair," of course. My department's crew of enthusiastic photographers made a combined assault on the photo categories; we didn't win any ribbons (the local camera club has a lock on the awards), but we're certainly proud of ourselves.

I'm deeply amused and gratified that one of my entries was put in the wrong category. I filled out the entry tag correctly--double-checked it and everything--but the person taking the entries didn't read the tag . . . and Tom o' Bedlam here wound up in the "portrait" section.

The judge noticed the wrist joint and put Tom where he belonged, in "manmade objects." (Now, of course, I would love to know what might have happened if the judge hadn't noticed.)

I entered this one in the "botanical" section:

And in the knitting division, where I entered a fashion-doll Fair Isle cardigan and a big fuzzy multicolored throw, I brought home two blue ribbons and the sweepstakes premium for best use of color and design (second time in three years, whee!). I plan to take my $16 winnings and, erm . . . have as much of a celebration as $16 will buy.

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congratulations on winning!

and eh, some people do think that bjd photos are portraits...

Aaaaahhhh, according to the rulebook here, "portrait" means "live human subject." I'd like to think that I just introduced a little gray area into the definition. ^_^

Congrats! :)

Ooo, $16 will get you...one doll shoe. W00t!

*looking around for a one-legged doll who needs a shoe*


(Deleted comment)
*snorfle* Tonner did make them for Tyler, as a convention goodie . . . so there ARE Unoa-sized crutches floating around Out There. Now I'm reflecting on why nobody has made crutches for BJDs, when scars and other kinds of damage are definitely, if not popular, then at least on the radar. Could it be the tech/mecha angle? Artificial eyes, robotic replacement parts, goggles, but not something as clunky and ordinary as crutches?

Though that doesn't explain the vogue for eyepatches, does it? Must think on't some more.

jola was thinking about buying a dolly-sized wheelchair (they do make them, as well as crutches -- I'll dig up a link if you want) because she's buying a doll that's just a torso and a head for some reason . . . she was going to do the medical-fetish-Lolita look with her, I think. ("Just a torso and a head for some reason," not "buying said torso & head for some reason," to be clear -- I'm not sure what happened to the arms and legs, probably went for a project of some kind.)

Congratulations on your blue-ribbon wins, woohoo!!

-- A :D

Hay, I think that's wonderful! I'd love to see your sweater...^^

Don't knock small towns! Crime rate of 0 and you can walk in on the mayor anytime.^^ And traffic troubles are very little ones.

Oh, I'm a small-town girl through and through--I grew up in one smaller than this! Yep, it's great when your definition of rush hour is six cars at a four-way stop . . .

I'll get a picture of the sweater up this weekend--it's very Lilly Pulitzer, lime green and hot pink. ;-)

you could get a beer and a burger with fries at red robin for $16...

congrats on your win, that is so cool! i think your town sounds awesome.

But the nearest Red Robin is in WIIIIIIIIIICHITA! I love Red Robin, but I'm too lazy to drive 80 miles to eat there.

On the other hand, $16 is two margaritas and a house special platter at Casa Ramos downtown. There's a thought!

There's a job open in the Foundation . . . alumni relations . . . take a lookie . . .

uhm uhm uhm you could get a gallon or two of gas!!! Yay.

Congratulations on the win though. Yes we want to see the sweater, precious.

Oh, ick, gas . . . yup, we're over $3 a gallon here. I'm so proud of my boring sedan, which is costing me very little right now compared to everybody-else-in-town's huge pickups and SUVs.

Oh and damn that is a gorgeous portrait my dear, and the lilly pads and reflections are amazing. Good work.

*blush* I have a good subject there! Hounds are insanely photogenic.

I really like the lily pad/reflection picture, too, but it doesn't look nearly as nifty in printed form as it does onscreen, for some reason.

okay I will quit commenting soon, may I use your Tom photo for a drawing?

YES, of course!!! *is extremely flattered and googly-eyed*

Yay for small towns. I know of what you speak - tomorrow I will be clogging in front of the entire village! Eep!

Congrats on the ribbons, hon - you deserve them. Your craft is incredible and you are quite gifted. Good onya for colour!

And I love that PORTRAIT!!!

Oh, and I got a package in the mail today....YOU! *glomps*

Hee! Not-exactly-dead samurai love!!

Clogging, eh? That sounds like a blast! Any form of dancing is so utterly hopeless for klutzy me that I feel mad envy now . . .

And thanks--it's just that I honestly *don't* do anything that special with the yarn, just pick good patterns and follow them. It's the people who can actually design, and who imagine exciting new things, that I admire.

Yeah Small Towns .. Congrats on your ribbons ... of course I will add my "I wanna See" vote to the rest

Our department secretary snatched everybody's fair entries away and arranged them in the display case outside the office yesterday afternoon, so unless I do a shot of the whole case (which actually I should), pix of the cardigan will have to wait . . . ;-0

(Deleted comment)
Aw, thanks! I keep trying to think of intelligent comments to make on your orchids, but either it's too hot or (more likely) I'm just not intelligent where any kind of plant life is concerned . . .

Beautiful, beautiful pictures - both of them and congrats on your win. ^_^

Aw, thank you! I was happy with both of them, too, and going by the comments I've heard from people who visited the exhibition hall, Mad Tom was quite popular with the viewing public.

Our department secretary is steaming over the choice of winning photograph in the Manmade Objects category: a stack of worn bowling shoes. She gets upset every year because the ribbons always, but always, go to Camera Club members no matter what other entries there are--but the bowling-shoe picture seems to be an especially painful grade of salt in the wound. Along with all the good things about living in a small town, there are also inevitable pockets of hurt feelings and long-term grudge-holding: *everything* is personal here.

(Deleted comment)
I think so, too! I'm still giggling about it, though . . . after all my care in filling out the entry tag with the correct category . . .

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