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What people in small towns do in the summertime.
Sasha Blaze
That would be "enter things in the county fair," of course. My department's crew of enthusiastic photographers made a combined assault on the photo categories; we didn't win any ribbons (the local camera club has a lock on the awards), but we're certainly proud of ourselves.

I'm deeply amused and gratified that one of my entries was put in the wrong category. I filled out the entry tag correctly--double-checked it and everything--but the person taking the entries didn't read the tag . . . and Tom o' Bedlam here wound up in the "portrait" section.

The judge noticed the wrist joint and put Tom where he belonged, in "manmade objects." (Now, of course, I would love to know what might have happened if the judge hadn't noticed.)

I entered this one in the "botanical" section:

And in the knitting division, where I entered a fashion-doll Fair Isle cardigan and a big fuzzy multicolored throw, I brought home two blue ribbons and the sweepstakes premium for best use of color and design (second time in three years, whee!). I plan to take my $16 winnings and, erm . . . have as much of a celebration as $16 will buy.

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Yay for small towns. I know of what you speak - tomorrow I will be clogging in front of the entire village! Eep!

Congrats on the ribbons, hon - you deserve them. Your craft is incredible and you are quite gifted. Good onya for colour!

And I love that PORTRAIT!!!

Oh, and I got a package in the mail today....YOU! *glomps*

Hee! Not-exactly-dead samurai love!!

Clogging, eh? That sounds like a blast! Any form of dancing is so utterly hopeless for klutzy me that I feel mad envy now . . .

And thanks--it's just that I honestly *don't* do anything that special with the yarn, just pick good patterns and follow them. It's the people who can actually design, and who imagine exciting new things, that I admire.

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