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What people in small towns do in the summertime.
Sasha Blaze
That would be "enter things in the county fair," of course. My department's crew of enthusiastic photographers made a combined assault on the photo categories; we didn't win any ribbons (the local camera club has a lock on the awards), but we're certainly proud of ourselves.

I'm deeply amused and gratified that one of my entries was put in the wrong category. I filled out the entry tag correctly--double-checked it and everything--but the person taking the entries didn't read the tag . . . and Tom o' Bedlam here wound up in the "portrait" section.

The judge noticed the wrist joint and put Tom where he belonged, in "manmade objects." (Now, of course, I would love to know what might have happened if the judge hadn't noticed.)

I entered this one in the "botanical" section:

And in the knitting division, where I entered a fashion-doll Fair Isle cardigan and a big fuzzy multicolored throw, I brought home two blue ribbons and the sweepstakes premium for best use of color and design (second time in three years, whee!). I plan to take my $16 winnings and, erm . . . have as much of a celebration as $16 will buy.

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Beautiful, beautiful pictures - both of them and congrats on your win. ^_^

Aw, thank you! I was happy with both of them, too, and going by the comments I've heard from people who visited the exhibition hall, Mad Tom was quite popular with the viewing public.

Our department secretary is steaming over the choice of winning photograph in the Manmade Objects category: a stack of worn bowling shoes. She gets upset every year because the ribbons always, but always, go to Camera Club members no matter what other entries there are--but the bowling-shoe picture seems to be an especially painful grade of salt in the wound. Along with all the good things about living in a small town, there are also inevitable pockets of hurt feelings and long-term grudge-holding: *everything* is personal here.

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