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Sweaters in progress
Sasha Blaze
This one belongs to tubbysnuggles's incoming Lati Red M, but I've started another one just like it:

And this is a truly lousy picture, but I was so excited to find that the neck treatment actually worked that I had to snap it before I did the finishing.


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yay knitting pics! i love knitting pics!!!

you are such the perfect classic knitter!!

Ah, pthththttt. All hail Elizabeth Zimmermann and her Percentage System!

I just wish I could cook up a way of doing V-necks in the round, rather than having to knit the pieces flat and sew them together, but I don't think there's really a workable method.

Are these labors of love or do you just not want to become your own personal sweat factory and sell these???? Because, damn. Your work is incredible.

I emailed you.

*snorfle* I have this fantasy of revealing the Fall 2006 Collection over, say, Labor Day weekend, with nice pictures and prices and all . . . so just hang on! (And I have to say, my favorite one hasn't even appeared here yet--I have a lot of finishing to do on it, and right now I'm in more of a mood to knit than to finish.)

Oooo. Nice!!! You do good work!

Thanks!! :-) I'm having way too much fun here; it's all going to come to a crashing halt after next weekend, with the semester starting, but for now . . . there's tons o' entertainment value in the yarn stash.

They're very nice, and such tiny little stitches! O: I'm so amazed of everyone who has talent. XD

Btw, OT, I've put up prices on those artbooks you said you were interested in, let me know if you still want them, ok? ♥

Just left a comment in your LJ!! I'll check back later for a total--

Do is see stitch holders? ^^

Wow, I do like your sweaters. I love the rolled rib neck/bottom for the dolls' sweaters...that seems to work out very nicely, IMHO. But, then in the mohair the regular ribbed necks is very nice...K1,P1, K1 series.

Nice yarns, yup, I do like the yarn. I've found good olde Walmart has some nice yarns.

Yes, stitch holders they be--I'm knitting these little guys in the round, using Elizabeth Zimmermann's method (and leaving a back opening). The brown mohairy yarn is actually a Wal-Mart find: who knew good old Red Heart could come up with something that looks and feels this nice? (Plus, it doesn't make me itch and sneeze the way real mohair does.)

I just love seeing pictures of your beautiful boys in their snuggly knits. I obviously have a thing about guys in sweaters!!!!!! *^_^*

About Pen's trousers - are they from Custom house? I think I have a pair, bought from a friend but don't know who made them.

Yes! Those are the calf-length Custom House camos from 2004--I ordered them along with Pen, and I love them. He happened to be wearing them anyway, with a white top, but they're quite nice with this pullover. (He would need longer socks for winter, though.)

And that's two of us with a thing about guys in sweaters! I'm sure I would have driven off any boyfriend who stuck around long enough, with my obsession for swathing men in knitted fabric . . . isn't there supposed to be some kind of curse on relationships that involve handknitted gifts? ;-)

beautiful works..and i love the camo pants

Thanks! And those pants are my absolute favorites--Pen wears them all summer. CH clothes and shoes have always been terrific; I just hope the changes at CH don't mean that the nice clothes are going to go away.

(Deleted comment)
Awwwwww, Pen thanks you! I think he's pretty yummy, too--and his blondish coloring really does work best with caramelly-butterscotchy colors. I have the worst time with eyes for him, though; his eyewells are really uneven (yes, I need to bevel them out, but I'm chicken), and it's hard to find any eyes that don't make him look starey and "dolly." Hmph.

Etienne!!! <3

(And Pen, but I *heart* Etienne, and that sweater makes me just want to pet him and snuggle him, yay!)

I really love seeing your sweater-posts and your beautiful crew!

-- A :D

I'm trying to hypnotize you with Etienne's adorableness, so you'll, like, take him off my hands next year! ;-)

He is eminently pettable, dang it. That's why I can't quite bring myself to put him up for sale in any real way. (Also, he makes a darn good sweater model, hee.)

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