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Sweaters in progress
Sasha Blaze
This one belongs to tubbysnuggles's incoming Lati Red M, but I've started another one just like it:

And this is a truly lousy picture, but I was so excited to find that the neck treatment actually worked that I had to snap it before I did the finishing.


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Etienne!!! <3

(And Pen, but I *heart* Etienne, and that sweater makes me just want to pet him and snuggle him, yay!)

I really love seeing your sweater-posts and your beautiful crew!

-- A :D

I'm trying to hypnotize you with Etienne's adorableness, so you'll, like, take him off my hands next year! ;-)

He is eminently pettable, dang it. That's why I can't quite bring myself to put him up for sale in any real way. (Also, he makes a darn good sweater model, hee.)

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