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So what do we think of this eye color?
Sasha Blaze
Masterpiece Fawn, 12mm. (Unbelievably, I think they're still too big, but that's another subject.)

I can't decide whether they're too pale and eerie, or interesting and glowy.

(Why, no, we didn't remember to comb our hair before having our picture taken.)

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Why oh why can't I MEMEMEMMEMEMEE have a gorgeous non-angelic boy like this?!?!?! C - he is the MOST exquisite male doll in the dollery!!!!

I'm stunned. He is beautiful!!!

I'll trade you Saints for a week! ;-) Because I feel the same way about your Angel St. Andrew, who definitely has mine beat in the eyebrow department--I love the quizzical expression those straightish eyebrows give him.

Funny - that somehow comforts me - knowing we both are seeing...something in the other boy. Your guy is just amazing - totally amazing! This is a luts face-up, correct?

I think those eyes look fine - sizewise - colour is gorgeous. But I understand the need to try smaller and smaller - an inexpensive option would be the Volks eyes - all sorts of sizes and good prices! I've finally settled on 14mm - but then mine isn't the SA.

It just seems . . . ludicrous to put 10mm eyes in a doll this big! But now I won't be happy until I try them, so I should buy a pair of some sort and see what I think.

And yes, this is a Luts faceup, assembled from various features of several Luts Dollshe faces; the quality of the painting is very, very good, and the artist definitely gave me what I asked for! But I was thinking more of the eyebrow shape and color than of the angle when I said "eyebrows like this picture."

On the other hand, I doubt that the Luts artist would have been happy to receive a faceup request that ended, "and Tensiya eyebrows, please." ^^

It's a shame this country is so big! If there were only one state in between, we could meet in the middle--each brandishing a Saint and startling the natives.

I like them, they soften his look a bit. those colors really contrast nicely with the blue in the backdrop, excellent job!

Sometimes it's hard not to make him look like a serial killer--as I discovered yesterday. ;-) (But now I can't remember which eyes I was fiddling with to get that particular creepy effect, or whether I had him against an unflattering background, or what.)

(Deleted comment)
He is very, very pretty--I'm so glad I splurged and got him! (He looks odd next to Lyon, though; I think they may have to stay in separate corners, instead of being Dollshe allies.)

I need to get better pictures of them--by the time I get home from work, even this time of year, there really isn't enough daylight left to work with. One of these days!

I love the color and depth of them. You could be right about the size, but going smaller might be a problem.
The color though! Can't say enough about how I adore the color of them.

It's just about impossible to find 10mm eyes, it seems . . . the OrientDoll has some, but there isn't much color choice. I guess I could try some Artistique, just to test the size, but it can be a pain to order from them. Or I could keep whining about it, *snerk*.

email me, I've got some really old 10mm eyes you could have, just to try the size. joey112@aol.com.

(Deleted comment)
You already know I'm no photographer, so you won't be surprised that I don't know what the white balance was set to. I just grabbed the camera and took a few quick snaps in the little light that was left when I got home from work.

(Deleted comment)
The pictures look a little blue because they *are* a little blue; the light in my living room is cool-toned to begin with, and the blue background intensifies the effect. Silly me, I think it's kind of interesting, and I like to play with it.

I think they're purty.

I think he is spectacular. Love that shirt!

oh such the pretty. That second photo is my favorite.

That second picture worked reasonably well--he's not easy to photograph!!

And the shirt, ooooyeah, it's from one of the Didier/a la Mode de Margaud outfits I have for the big dogs. Kewl stuff!

i like, i like i like...!! i like that color, they are light enough to show in those teeny eyeholes, yet not TOO light as to make him look evil (which some people like on their dolls, it's just not MY personal taste)......

whee. he is so beautiful!!

It would be very, very easy to make him look totally evil, bwahahaha. Hmmmm, I actually have a pair of 14mm Masterpiece Silver Fox . . . must try those! ;-)

Ooohh, I think he's delish -- the eyes look especially good with that strong turquoise accent next to them, to break up the sepia-tone color scheme of the rest of the photo . . . very nice!

-- A :D

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