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So what do we think of this eye color?
Sasha Blaze
Masterpiece Fawn, 12mm. (Unbelievably, I think they're still too big, but that's another subject.)

I can't decide whether they're too pale and eerie, or interesting and glowy.

(Why, no, we didn't remember to comb our hair before having our picture taken.)

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I love the color and depth of them. You could be right about the size, but going smaller might be a problem.
The color though! Can't say enough about how I adore the color of them.

It's just about impossible to find 10mm eyes, it seems . . . the OrientDoll has some, but there isn't much color choice. I guess I could try some Artistique, just to test the size, but it can be a pain to order from them. Or I could keep whining about it, *snerk*.

email me, I've got some really old 10mm eyes you could have, just to try the size. joey112@aol.com.

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