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So what do we think of this eye color?
Sasha Blaze
Masterpiece Fawn, 12mm. (Unbelievably, I think they're still too big, but that's another subject.)

I can't decide whether they're too pale and eerie, or interesting and glowy.

(Why, no, we didn't remember to comb our hair before having our picture taken.)

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I'll trade you Saints for a week! ;-) Because I feel the same way about your Angel St. Andrew, who definitely has mine beat in the eyebrow department--I love the quizzical expression those straightish eyebrows give him.

Funny - that somehow comforts me - knowing we both are seeing...something in the other boy. Your guy is just amazing - totally amazing! This is a luts face-up, correct?

I think those eyes look fine - sizewise - colour is gorgeous. But I understand the need to try smaller and smaller - an inexpensive option would be the Volks eyes - all sorts of sizes and good prices! I've finally settled on 14mm - but then mine isn't the SA.

It just seems . . . ludicrous to put 10mm eyes in a doll this big! But now I won't be happy until I try them, so I should buy a pair of some sort and see what I think.

And yes, this is a Luts faceup, assembled from various features of several Luts Dollshe faces; the quality of the painting is very, very good, and the artist definitely gave me what I asked for! But I was thinking more of the eyebrow shape and color than of the angle when I said "eyebrows like this picture."

On the other hand, I doubt that the Luts artist would have been happy to receive a faceup request that ended, "and Tensiya eyebrows, please." ^^

It's a shame this country is so big! If there were only one state in between, we could meet in the middle--each brandishing a Saint and startling the natives.

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