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A little more housecleaning, DollHeart department.
Sasha Blaze
Has anyone been heartbroken over missing out on the DollHeart "Elegy of Tints" outfit? It's this one, sold out langsyne: http://dollheart.com/shop/ld25/shop_vol25_e.htm. I never seem to use it, as witness the fact that I have no owner pictures to put up here; Pen wore it once for about an hour in, jeez, October of 2005.

E-mail me if you're interested (drmatilda AT cableone DOT net)! The first reasonable offer will be more than gladly accepted. I honestly don't know what a fair price would be, because I can't remember what I paid for it--but I'm thinking the original price was in the neighborhood of $85 or $90 before shipping, maybe?

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Emailed you, *hops madly*, my fingers & Gibson's legs are crossed.

Hee! Just got back from the grocery store and e'd you back . . . tell Gibson to uncross those legs, 'cause a guy can't have much fun that way. ^_^

Yay, thank you - it's perfect for him! Thanks!

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