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Back to the girl-BJD drawing board.
Sasha Blaze
Well. The dealer from whom I preordered my Sooah is cancelling all preorders with Elfdoll. Decision time: is Sooah The One For Me, or am I still iffy about her? Nobody can answer that one except me, but . . . *sigh.* I'm not really in a decisionmaking mode right now, so the whole project may lie fallow for a while.

On the bright side, the Gumdrops prototype eyes that I bought from Grace (12mm Nostalgic Yellow, actually a beautiful deep amber color) are just amazingly fabulous for Atsumori. They give exactly, exactly, exactly the slightly feral quality that I wanted for him, without being over-the-top unnatural. (However, in certain lights they glow--this morning, while I was getting ready for work, I looked over at him and his eyes seemed to light up by themselves. It gave me a mild start, but then I decided the effect was lovely.)

DVD recommendation: in my happy trek through every samurai film I can get my hands on, I have reached a mountaintop and the view is spectacular. If you like the genre at all, run, don't walk, to rent Hara-Kiri, a.k.a. Seppuku (dir. Kobayashi Masaki, 1962). Be prepared for some wrenchingly violent scenes, but also for some exceptional acting and filmmaking: the denouement actually made me put down my knitting for twenty solid minutes, which very few movies are able to do. This one is going into my class for next summer, you betcha.
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*is eagerly awaiting pictures with the new eyes*


*points up to your userpic* Like that!!!! ;-)

Of course, now everybody else is demanding $55 eyes. I have a kajillion eyes, but they're all on the relatively-cheap end of the scale (well, you know--*considering*). I was trying to resist breaking the $50 barrier, because, well, that way lies madness, Zoukeimura, and Antique Rose. But 'twas not to beeeeeeeeeeee . . .

Hahaha! I do love those eyes.

I fell off the wagon long ago with the urethane eyes. I just recently got my 11th pair in the mail. ^^; Eye candies are the best! I'd love to try out some of the gumdrops, too. I only have 9 pairs of the original eye candies, and 2 pairs of Enchanted Doll eyes. Am safely staying away from Zouks and AR eyes, though, lucky for me the threading in glass just doesn't do it for me. ♥

I'm so sorry to hear about your girl! Sooah is really lovely. I always have problems picking out girls myself too. So many lovely girls but I have issues picking ones that fit with my boys, you know?

If you are still looking for her, I could try to help you find one. Let me know! One of my friends MIGHT be selling her Sooah off, but I am not sure.

I'm really only interested in the small-bust Sooah; I've seen the large-bust body, and I don't care for it as much, but if you know of a small-bust that's floating around without a home, YES, do pass the word!!! <3

And why *is* it so hard to pick girls? tubbysnuggles has no trouble with it at all . . . but it's making me CRAZY!!

Of course, basically all anybody has to do is wave the picture of a new boy in front of me, and I'm in lurve. ;-)

Oh, bummer, that answers my question.

Those Gumdrops look so great, can't wait to see Atsumori wearing them.

Small-bust Sooahs just aren't as thick on the ground as large-bust, are they? I really need to make a decision here, because if I'm ordering from Elfdoll (or anywhere else, of course) I kinda want to get that process in motion before the Great Pay Cut in January. What to do, what to do?

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