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Need input re: sweater pricing
Sasha Blaze
Hailp, pleeeeeeeeeeease? I truly have no idea what would be reasonable pricing for the BJD sweaters I keep cranking out (yes, yes, pictures to come, but not quite yet). Honestly, if a new website appeared, selling one- or at most two-off handknitted BJD sweaters like these, at what price point(s) would you think hmmmmm, yeah, that's fair, I'm going to spring for one?

Even as I ask, though, I think it might actually be easier just to slap the pictures up and say, "Tell me which one you want and what you want to pay for it, and it's yours." Still--I'm wasting a little time this afternoon, so I thought I'd ask and see what ideas people might have.

1. Mohair-textured synthetic yarn. Back snap closure. Fitted on Yukinojo, but would work for SD13 boys too (sleeves too short for Dollshe).

2. Acrylic body yarn with wool and alpaca accent yarns. Back snap closure. Fitted on Dollshe bodies.

3. Wool/mohair/nylon blend yarn. Pullover style--no closure. The one I just finished is the same as this, only Yukinojo-sized.

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Oh, dear, you evil thing.

I'm all a-giggle at the squirrel image.

I was thinking, you might just want to put some of the sweaters on Ebay at first, with starting bids at $25 maybe - I was mainly thinking this because I'm worried that, if I'm an hour late seeing your sales post when it happens, I'll miss out, kind of like I do with all the damn Orangebabydolly sales.

Feh, don't worry about missing out--unless I've used up the last of whatever-yarn-it-is, I can duplicate anything I'm making right now, given a little time.

This alpaca yarn, kinda like a DollTi boy, is actually not being all that cooperative. Given the choice, I always like to work with wool, because it has such a lovely spring and bounce to it. I'm discovering that, while alpaca feels incredibly sexy in the hand, it doesn't have the elasticity of wool, so in a ribbed pattern it looks a tad forlorn and uneven. I'm hoping that blocking will help in the long run. Ptooey.

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