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*pitiful whimper*
Sasha Blaze
Things Going On With Me Right Now:

A. The hard drive on my laptop died over the weekend. I managed to back up all my research from the San Diego trip while it was in its death throes (priorities, you know), but unless the guys at the computer shop here in town can work a miracle, I've lost almost every picture I've taken and every image I've saved in the past two years. Not to mention my demented fanfiction scribblings.

B. This semester I'm teaching an overload and advising another full quarter's load of international students, all unpaid (no comment on that, but if anyone wonders why I'm resigning as department chair in December, well, hey, here's a thought).

C. Don't laugh, but the president of the local Rotary club is leaving town on September 15 for a new job, and guess who's next in line for the office?

D. And then there's all the usual wad o' stuff that life sends every one of us. I have to drive 2 1/2 hours each way on Thursday for the funeral of a family friend. I have to write a paper for a conference in October that, frankly, I shouldn't have proposed because I think the idea is unworkable, but it's too late to back out now. My house appears to be, literally, coming apart at the seams because of the way the foundation has shifted during the past few years of drought.

I'll be around, but I'll probably miss most of the excitement on LJ until January. If there's something that I really need to see, poke me via e-mail, 'k?

But the Sweater Trunk Show will happen! The insane squirrel has spoken!

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Oh, TALK to me about the "it will be faster and simpler just to do it myself" disease. I have a bad, bad, lifelong case of it. Still, delegation. Hmmm. Delegation. It has a ring to it.

So far (she says cautiously) the tool jockies have been reasonably good about cleaning up after themselves, and they've fixed bigger problems with this house than the one I have now. (I think they were bigger, anyway!) But . . . ugh. Of all the towns in all the world, I have to live in one where the earth moves, and not in the good sense.

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