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What, ALL my pretty chickens and their dam?

I'm laptopped up again, with a shiny-clean new hard drive in the comfortingly familiar shell.

However . . . everything on the old hard drive was unrecoverable. Everything. Thank goodness it gave me just enough notice that I was able to back up all the research I did in San Diego, but. Goodbye, all pictures taken before March of this year (and quite a few taken after March, too, because I wasn't in the habit of uploading everything to the online host I use). Goodbye, bad secret-vice fiction. Goodbye, faceups and outfits saved from long-deleted Y!J auctions.

The Victorian widow sniffles behind her veil and mournfully waves her black handkerchief.

In happier news: on the way home today, I stopped at an antique store that I've been meaning to visit for, um, three or four years. I came away with a nice haul of mixed goods, including two vintage pop bottles that may work for the BJDs when I actually take the time to unwrap them. (And four 1950s Christmas ornaments, to expand my family hoard! I love me some vintage Christmas-tree balls, that I do.)
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