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What, ALL my pretty chickens and their dam?
Sasha Blaze
I'm laptopped up again, with a shiny-clean new hard drive in the comfortingly familiar shell.

However . . . everything on the old hard drive was unrecoverable. Everything. Thank goodness it gave me just enough notice that I was able to back up all the research I did in San Diego, but. Goodbye, all pictures taken before March of this year (and quite a few taken after March, too, because I wasn't in the habit of uploading everything to the online host I use). Goodbye, bad secret-vice fiction. Goodbye, faceups and outfits saved from long-deleted Y!J auctions.

The Victorian widow sniffles behind her veil and mournfully waves her black handkerchief.

In happier news: on the way home today, I stopped at an antique store that I've been meaning to visit for, um, three or four years. I came away with a nice haul of mixed goods, including two vintage pop bottles that may work for the BJDs when I actually take the time to unwrap them. (And four 1950s Christmas ornaments, to expand my family hoard! I love me some vintage Christmas-tree balls, that I do.)

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Sorry about your loss, but just look at it this way...MORE room to fill! :)

'Tis true!! Though I WAS fond of some of the lost stuff. Oh, well: muichi motsu, "hold nothing."

oh man~ that sucks! D: Does your photo account have any of the pics on it?

Yes! The good part is that I've been uploading the best ones to the permanent photo account since March, but . . . I didn't take the time to upload my favorites from the older pictures. *sigh* Such is life.

omg about the not being able to recover ANYTHING. omg. note to self... finish backing up photos sher!! doofus!!

start retaking those pics baby, you've got that shiny new camera.....

Yipes. I would suggest that many, many of us have been there, hon. And it's such a not good place. I feel your pain, believe me. And backing up is the mantra, of course...but brings nothing back from that mysterious place of dissolution after the fact...The great equalizers of fire and flood have been joined by a third....the hard drive crash.

It's funny--I got to thinking this week about the way our lives in the computer era are punctuated by exactly this kind of wipe-clean memory crash. Mine go all the way back to the old Brother word-processor days. A less stubborn person would think that the cosmos is saying "quit writing stupid catharsis fiction, already," because every time I've had a major crash, that's what I've lost.

Well, except for the zip-disk crash last spring that erased ten years of departmental records. Eeeerggghhh.

(Deleted comment)
A Japanese cookbook! An adorable knitting bag made from a vintage tablecloth! And a mysteriously alluring small round box, carved from soapstone . . . it looks like a BJD-sized coffer for frankincense or myrrh or something of the sort. I really need to get back in the mood to take pictures, that I do.

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