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Love in the Time of Online Auctions: a hit-or-miss photostory
Sasha Blaze
So, I heard this odd faint keening noise from the living room when I got home from the all-day workshop ordeal I endured today . . .

Act One: The Thunderbolt

ME: Atsu-kun, what’s wrong? Don’t tell me the new hard drive is going bad already!

ATSUMORI: Iie, chigaimasu . . . ga . . .

ME: But? But what? What are you looking at?

ME: O-oh. (thinking: uh-oh.)

ATSUMORI: This is a very beautiful lady.

ATSUMORI: She is like a cherry tree in winter. She deserves the love of an emperor.

ME: Um. That’s a lovely sentiment, and extremely Japanese of you, but--you know, sweetie, she's on eBay right now. She’s going to get a perfectly nice home later this evening. See here? The auction ends in just a little while.

ATSUMORI: So desu ka? How does one enter this ah-ku-sha-n? Ah, I understand—this button, and this. It is quite simple, ne?

ME: Ack! No! Don’t push that—ohmygawdyoucan’t—

Act Two: Three Cheers for Dollshe Brotherhood

LYON: What’s up, Atsuji? I thought I heard somebody shrieking in here.

ME (faintly): He just put in a bid on an Evenstar auction. I’m going to go lie down with a cold cloth over my eyes.

LYON: Yeah? Way to go! What’s she like? Er—it is a girl, right?

ATSUMORI (frosty): Hai.

LYON: Hey, no offense, all right? You haven’t exactly been what I’d call forthcoming about yourself since you got here, you know? . . . So is this her on the—whoa. Whoa, nelly.

ATSUMORI (to himself): I think she is lonely.

LYON: Guys! Guys, come and look at this! Atsumori’s bidding on a hot girlfriend for us! She’s tattooed all over!


Act Three: Far Too Much Input

KANBEI: Ahhhhhhhh.

LYON: What did I tell you, huh? Sejong, have you ever seen anything like this?

LYON: Er, Sejong? I’m almost afraid to ask, but--what is that you’re carrying around in the sack?

SEJONG: It is the head of my enemy, of course. Kanbei-dono, do you find this woman pleasing?

KANBEI: Mmmmmmmmm.

LYON: Wait a minute. The head of your enemy? I thought Cynthia explained to you that Saiki wasn’t your enemy. Besides, he went off for a faceup. Where did you get--

SEJONG: I was briefly mistaken. But this enemy is unquestionably the correct one.

NA-NU-RI: I am not! And I cad’t breathe id here!

LYON: It can talk?

NA-NU-RI (plaintively): I’b nod an id. I’b Na-nu-ri. I hab feeligs too, you know.

SEJONG: Silence! Show me this woman, Kanbei-dono. Ah, she is most handsome. Most handsome. What sort of weapon do you suppose she carries?

ATSUMORI: But—but--

ATSUMORI: But I loved her first.

Act Four: The Consolation of Philosophy

PEN (offscreen): Psssst! Atsumori! Come up here.

PEN: You know, it was really romantic of you to bid on that girl and everything, but—you probably aren’t going to win the auction. You do know that, right? I mean, I’d hate to see you break your heart over her.

ATSUMORI: My heart is not whole, Pen-san.

PEN: Yeah, I know. I miss Jenna all the time. Long-distance relationships are tough.

ATSUMORI: Life is bitterness. That is what you mean.

PEN: Well, not exactly, but it’ll do. . . . Are you going to be okay, Atsu?

ATSUMORI: I bid a large number of dollars for my lady. Perhaps she may come to me in the end.

PEN: A large . . . oh, wow. No wonder Cynthia’s making those choky noises. Maybe I’d better go check on her?

The End (for now).

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I had to comment - although I've done this backwards now. *facepalm*

He is so incredibly "charactered." I really love all your boys - um, sejong is hysterical - the head of his enemy...bwahahahahahahaha. But Atsu-kun is something incredibly special. I can't believe he set his heart so fiercely on her...


I think it's the same kind of directness and, yes, fierceness that you see in your Angel . . . it's there in the mold. I'm enjoying this little diversion, as one way of exploring those qualities.

If I were perfectly honest, I would note that Atsu's personality and my choice of Saint as my second Dollshe boy are partly "inspired" (*ahem*) by the characters and situations of two of my favorite anime characters. (*pointing at icon*) Both of them are, at least in the beginning, dangerously obsessive, suicidally repressed, and, well, just plain dangerous. Over time, though--and with considerable prodding from the friends that fate sends them--they learn to function more or less like human beings.

I started out thinking that Kanbei would shell that kind of character for me, but the SD16 body just isn't quite right for it . . . which does make me wonder what I'm going to do with Kanbei in the long run. He's still a stunner, though, and I'm looking forward to seeing how he, too, looks with Rachel's amazing Bella.

Yes, I agree completely and totally - the mold is amazingly deceptive - I'm not sure if others get the full impact of the fierce melancholy the face imposes. I know he looks...innocent...or....contemplative, but the scuplt(s) also have that directness. Well put, you!

Very curious to watch your boy develop!

I know exactly what you're saying about the SD16. I had...different...visions for my two, and it just wasn't going to go anywhere with that particular boy. I did need to let the one twin go to another home and that has freed this boy up to be just exactly who he is - which is to say he's NONE of the charas I had envisioned for him, but very much his own presence which basically involves being a sexy bit of resin. And I'm okay with that now. I've got my Saint and my Bermann when I need some emoting! I love the SD16 now for who he is!

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