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Claudine makes her debut on LJ. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Sasha Blaze
Hihi! It's Claudine here. The cute one, remember? Anyway. Cynthia is feeling kinda icky today, so she didn't pay much attention when I asked if I could play with her big fancy camera. It's HEAVY, jeez. But I only dropped it once. I don't think I broke it.

Anyway. Pen helped me some. This is the first picture I took. I figured out how to work the timer all by myself! These are Pen's new glasses that came aaaaaall the way from Japan, because he's the ooooooooldest and he's Cynthia's faaaaaaavorite, but of course I'm not jealous or anything. After all, I'm a Limited and I have beautiful peachy resin and a very special faceup, AND my picture is on the official Customhouse website, so there. Anyway, Pen looks like a total geek, but I bet Jenna will still think he's cute. Maybe she needs glasses, too. My wig was a present from Ms. Mercy in California, isn't it cool? It's EXACTLY the same color as an orange sherbet push-up pop, yum.

Pen says I should have taken the time to photoshop that picture so it would look decent, but I say if he wanted it photoshopped he should have photoshopped it himself.

ANYway. Then I went around and took pictures of the big guys. Only, Etienne wouldn't come out of his box, and Kanbei and Sejong hid on top of the bookcase. The scaredycats. It's not MY fault if they're weird-looking and not very photogenic.

I didn't have to look up that word in the dictionary, either.

Pen says I'm supposed to make a cut tag thingy so I don't picspam my LJ--okay, okay, Cynthia's LJ--so I will.

So I said, "Hey, Atsumori! I know what you're thinking about! Don't say cheese, say Bella the Tattooed Lady!"

But I think it made him mad. He has NO sense of humor. It's really boring.

Then I found Lyon trying on some weird outfit that came from Belgium or Luxembourg or somewhere. I told him he looked like a Dutch painter trying to be cool, only Dutch painters are all dead and boring. I think it made him mad, too.

WhatEVER. I heard Cynthia say that she wanted to take some pictures of the sky for Ms. Mercy, which is one of those weird human things that I just don't GET, you know? But I want to thank Ms. Mercy for my GREAT wig, so here's some boring old clouds for her. And some trees, because I think trees are much more interesting than clouds.

That's all. Bye.

P.S. Shunshou says I should start my own blog, but I think he's just trying to get me to look at his stupid option part. He's so lame. I think that Wendy girl in California could do a lot better for herself, but nobody EVER takes my advice. It's really good advice, too.

P.P.S. I've decided that I want a Shiwoo for a boyfriend. I think Shiwoos are SO cute, even the ones with the fangs, but mostly the tan ones and that HOTTTTTTTTT Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo. Lyon has that wig, but it just isn't the same, you know?

P.P.P.S. I just thought of this! Atsumori knows how to get online and buy things. Maybe I shouldn't have made him mad, huh?

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oh noes... claudine makes an entry...

atsumori DOES look like she just interrupted him and he's annoyed. this rocks!!

man I gotta email lisa astrup, i want that set!!

I guess it was just a matter of time until the Claudine Mind emerged from its dark subconscious hiding place . . . ;-)

I hope Lisa can make you one of these sets, because they're fabulous, and she fits *very* well to CH bodies!

Heh. She's...precocious, I give her that much! Cute.

And it's all about the Atsu love here - gods but he is beautiful, C!

I want that sky outside my window. I am SO ready for some weather.

We were so, so overdue for weather--and the change of seasons always happens suddenly here. On Friday night I went to bed, and it was high summer; on Saturday morning, the angle of the light had changed, the clouds had changed, and everything around me (including the cicadas, who are in full chorus now) was saying "autumn, autumn, autumn." Of course, it's still stifling and muggy, but fall is most definitely on the way.

Dear Hell-on-Wheels Claudine. I'm sure the CH Sia headmold is *capable* of being demure and polite, but mine has been a holy terror ever since her personality came into focus for me. Every now and then she insists on speaking for herself; it's a better stress-reliever than kneading bread dough. ;-)

Atsu-kun certainly gets no less beautiful . . . I'm finding him a little hard to dress, though. Lyon looks great in dark and bright colors, thanks to his more vivid Tensiya faceup, but almost everything washes Atsu out. It will have to be white, white, and more shades of white for him, I suppose.

Misato: Hi ya Claudine! My name is Misato, and I think I come from the same place as you, cuz we look alot alike. But that's not my photo here, that's Inara Sizu, who everyone wants to take photos of.

I like your post! I hope you do more! And I think that Atsumori is really cute, but I kinda like guys that look like him :) But that guy Lyon, he looks like one of the guys here, Morpheus, who is rather, um, out there I guess?

And yeah, Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo is definitely a hot guy! I hope you are able to find him or another guy who looks like him. I'd like a boyfriend too, but if they are like the guys here, well, they are just boys, if you know what I mean.

bye for now, and I hope you get to post more!

Hihi, Misato! I have cousins all over the place, I bet you're one of them too, KEWL!! Lyon isn't really out there like that Morpheus so much, but some of his clothes are just ewwww. Do you think Atsumori is cute, honestly? I'll tell him so! I don't think Bella the Tattooed Lady is going to fall in love with him at first sight the way HE thinks she will, but I'm not saying that out loud or anything.

I'm going to get a poster of Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo and put it up in my room. I had a poster of Tanned Soo Ri for a while, but I'm SO over him now.

I guess that Inara Sizu is pretty and all, but I think the guys ought to pay more attention to girls like US. I don't understand them sometimes.

Whoops, Atsumori says I'm hogging the computer. I think he wants to look at pictures of HER again. Bye!


(Deleted comment)
The unrestrained id, that's our Claudine. How nice to have someone around who can say all the things One Should Not Say . . . ^_^

I enjoyed Claudine's little narrative very much and she did a good job taking pictures. I especially enjoyed your Dutch Painter . . . he looks very good in that outfit. And I am glasses shopping for my dolls. Where do you buy your glasses? Love them both! ;)

Thank you! The Dollshe outfits that Didier Duriau has been making lately (including the Dutch painter's, lol) are fantastic--this summer I managed to snag two of them on eBay with no competition, but I don't know how long my string of great deals will last. ;-)

The silver glasses that Atsumori's wearing here are LeekeWorld (SD size, rather than SD13); Pen's are from a seller on Y!J who makes beautiful, detailed glasses for BJDs in all kinds of styles. (I'm vamping for time here, hoping I'll remember the seller's name . . . but it isn't coming to me. Omichao, maybe? Or is that an eye seller? I'm hopeless, sorry.)

Aha, I found it! The seller's name is omoteh72, and here's one of the current auctions (these are the same as Pen's glasses, not that the color showed up in my--er, Claudine's--picture): http://page6.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f44690152

Kapono: :::smiles::: a young girl after my own heart. Bonjour Claudine.

Keahi: Can I have a camera?

Kapono: We shall live in fear....

Oooooooo, bonjour, Monsieur Kapono! Comment allez-vous? Je parle Francais un petit peu, parce que je suis en le huitieme etage, mais je ne connais pas le subjonctif et le pluparfait est tres, tres, TRES difficile, n'est-ce pas?

Ummmmm, that means how are you, and I speak French a little bit because I'm in the eighth grade now, but I don't know the subjunctive and the pluperfect is really, really, REALLY hard, isn't it?

I think Keahi ought to have a camera. He could take lots of great pictures of AleX and ummmm Mr. Shan and you, Mr. Kapono, wouldn't that be fun? I think it would be. I NEED a camera of my own, and I know they make ones that I could carry around, but I just don't get human priorities sometimes. Like, was it so totally more important to order a lot of stuff for that Bella to wear than to buy me a camera?

Whoops, I have to get ready for school! Bye, Keahi and Monsieur Kapono!


I ♥ Claudine!

The pictures of Atsomuri are brilliant - he does look as if he's been disturbed! (love his clothes, love the whole him actually!!) And the description of Lyon's outfit was so funny. Naughty Claudine!! LOL

*waving* to the gorgeous Pen as well.

Awwwwwwww, *hugs*, and no matter what Claudine says about Shiwoo, her real passion will always be Hook. But, like all girls with a desperate crush--even blithely overbearing motormouths like Claudine--she keeps that a secret . . .

I'll have to do that photostory sometime: Claudine and her postcard of Hook, Claudine and her stash of Hook screencaps, etc., etc., etc. Your picture of him in that suede wrapped necklace and the striped shirt was a big thrill, let me tell you. ;-)

Wow, Claudine certainly has a very . . . distinct . . . voice!! I love her ;D

I'm totally cracking up at Atsumori's expression . . . and, wow, Lyon looks HOT. *fans self* Goodness!

These stories are so much fun ^_^


-- A <3<3

She only *thinks* Pen's my favorite . . . ^_^

It was that "I'm going to MURDER YOU!" expression of Atsumori's that gave me the idea for the whole thing--after, what, three years? I'm still amazed at how BJDs' expressions can change with different angles and light. What on earth did I do with my time before them???

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