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Words for music perhaps

Old Scottish song:

As Mally Lee cam' doun the street,
Her capuchin did flee.
She cast a look ahint her back
Tae see her negligee.

And we're a' gaun east and west,
We're a' gaun ajee,
We're a' gaun east and west,
A-courtin' Mally Lee.

A' doun alang the Canongate
Were beaux o' ilk degree,
And mony a ane turned round to look
At bonny Mally Lee.

And we're a' gaun east and west,
We're a gaun ajee,
We're a' gaun east and west,
A-courtin' Mally Lee.

Introducing Mally Lee.

Right now, she's wearing the Dollshe guys' Tensiya jeans and shirt (which fit her like a dream), with her own SSW bustier and a pair of SD13 boy sandals from LeekeWorld. There's a streak of tomboyishness--not quite androgyny, but circling around in that direction--in her, but she adapts just as well to gloriously girly Godiva-hair. And to everything in between.

I tried for two hours to find a wig that wasn't at least interesting on her, and . . . failed miserably. Honestly, I don't have words for how exquisite this doll is, or how much more beautiful she is in person than in these pictures. (Even Rachel's own auction pictures didn't quite do her justice, and you know how gorgeous they were!). And count me as a big, big fan of the Dollmore Model body: not only is it built like a brick outhouse--as they say where I come from--but it poses and stands superlatively well.

I love her. I love her, I love her, I love her. I love the wig she came with:

Yet to come: the first encounter between Mally and her hopeful, hopeless worshipper Atsumori. No, I don't know what's going to happen; I think we'll let the camera decide.

Edited because, okay, I couldn't resist just a glance at the two of them together . . .

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