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Words for music perhaps
Sasha Blaze
Old Scottish song:

As Mally Lee cam' doun the street,
Her capuchin did flee.
She cast a look ahint her back
Tae see her negligee.

And we're a' gaun east and west,
We're a' gaun ajee,
We're a' gaun east and west,
A-courtin' Mally Lee.

A' doun alang the Canongate
Were beaux o' ilk degree,
And mony a ane turned round to look
At bonny Mally Lee.

And we're a' gaun east and west,
We're a gaun ajee,
We're a' gaun east and west,
A-courtin' Mally Lee.

Introducing Mally Lee.

Right now, she's wearing the Dollshe guys' Tensiya jeans and shirt (which fit her like a dream), with her own SSW bustier and a pair of SD13 boy sandals from LeekeWorld. There's a streak of tomboyishness--not quite androgyny, but circling around in that direction--in her, but she adapts just as well to gloriously girly Godiva-hair. And to everything in between.

I tried for two hours to find a wig that wasn't at least interesting on her, and . . . failed miserably. Honestly, I don't have words for how exquisite this doll is, or how much more beautiful she is in person than in these pictures. (Even Rachel's own auction pictures didn't quite do her justice, and you know how gorgeous they were!). And count me as a big, big fan of the Dollmore Model body: not only is it built like a brick outhouse--as they say where I come from--but it poses and stands superlatively well.

I love her. I love her, I love her, I love her. I love the wig she came with:

Yet to come: the first encounter between Mally and her hopeful, hopeless worshipper Atsumori. No, I don't know what's going to happen; I think we'll let the camera decide.

Edited because, okay, I couldn't resist just a glance at the two of them together . . .


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She's lovely -- such a hawkish *intensity*, I look forward to seeing who she becomes. There's something so perfect about the angle of her neck in the last photo . . . beautiful!

I'm cheering Atsumori on!!

-- A ;>

I love her NOSE . . . it really is a beak, and saves her from just being pretty. (Though she can do "pretty" just fine, which is VERY cool.)

Poor Atsumori--what he doesn't know is that his love affair is at the mercy of what *I* think looks good through the viewfinder.

Hey, tell Kira I finally managed to find the burgundy yarn I knew I had (buried in a plastic bin, like everything else around here), so I'll dink around and see what ensues!

My mouth actually fell open! I'll get in line behind Atsumori (hey, nice view!).

*snerk* Yeah, well, *her* rear view is even BETTER!!

I wish I could pack y'all up and bring everybody here to see her in person, because she is BEYOND amazing. Now, if I can just get the camera to see what I see . . .

Wow, she is really incredible.....I love girls with attitude, and this one has it in spades!
(you too Atsumori)

I just can't stop staring at her and changing her clothes and . . . well, you know!

Hey, email me, wouldja? drmatilda AT cableone DOT net



and she looks OUTRAGEOUS with atsumori! omg! they look so stunning together!!!!!!!!!!!!

the blonde godiva wig... and the wig she came with were my favorites... she does look awesome in everything omg...

and i love her NAME! squealllllllllllllllllllll

more pics! more pics!!!

She is incredible. She is MORE than incredible. OMGGGGGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!

And, erm, I really hate to tell you this, because you're, like, my friend and all, but . . . she's *prettier than Memphis.* The Queen of Hotness has been dethroned. (roffffflllll, it's a sexay-BJD fight!)


She is incredibly gorgeous - so wonderfuly FEMALE!!!! I see what you're saying about an androgynous...flirtation, but it's such a wonderfully female side of androgyny. She is fantastic and you are one lucky lady!

The teaser pic is just...so...right. He is gorgeous and with her he looks completely and utterly...satisfied.

Congratulations, C! More, more, more!

I love the black wig best.

Lucky, broke . . . same difference . . . ;-)

I am absolutely jumping for joy, as you can well imagine! The latest happy discovery is that she can wear a lot of the SD13 girl clothes I already have, at least tops and dresses; long sleeves are too short, but I have no problem with bracelet length, or with pushing up sweater sleeves. Her hips are a fraction fuller than SD13's, but I managed to squeeze her into a pair of denim capris that came with an adorable funky outfit I bought for the Sooah-who-was-not-to-be. She's giving me a whole new lease on all the things I already have--clothes that look too old or are too big on Claudine.

And I think I have a happy Saint here. ;-) Who she REALLY looks great with, though, is . . . well, wait and see, heh heh heh.

She's gorgeous! COngrats!

So, is she a model doll? I have no idea... I never saw the auction.

What size head is she? I might have some wigs that you might like. :)

I agree her with Mercy . . . I'd love to know more about her. Ahhhh, never heard of her, but she is definitely commanding and interesting with those tats she has. *boogles* ;)

Ooooh, she is very pretty! And wow, what a body! Only slightly jealous. >_<

She looks great with Atsumori, I can't wait to see more! ^_^

Dollmore REALLY hit one out of the park with the Model body--it's beautiful AND it's beautifully engineered. The balance is amazing (far, far better than any other BJD I have) and the jointing works just as well as the SD16's, without being as visible and intrusive. Plus, well, she's hot . . . ^_^

She is just awesome! She looks so real, I expect her to speak at any moment.
Congratulations (to A too!)

She is honestly twice as gorgeous and alive--maybe more--in person. So delicate and fierce at the same time . . . this is the big girl I was waiting for, and I didn't know it!

She's perfect! Perfect!! She DOES look interesting in every wig you showed (but the wig she came with is whitehot, whoa nelly.) I love the name, and the teaser photo made me choke.

Sejong might have been onto something - if she's not already an assassin, I'd look out, she definitely has it in her.

Oh, just WAIT! zomg, the Bride has nothing on this lady . . . I'm impatiently waiting for the sun to come out, so I can show off her, um, murderous side. ;-)

*tear falls* Thats soooooooo sweet ToT *points to last pic*

They look perfect together and Atsu-chan is stunning in the frilly shirt ^o^

The oooooooooonly problem is . . . she looks just as good with everybody else!

It's a good thing I don't have a lot of stamina for long-term storylines--it's all about the pretty pictures! XD

Sooo pretty.

She does look good in all the wigs. She's just incredibly intense. Wow.

I think my secret favorite wig on her is the raccoon-fur/hawk-feather one, because it really brings out her strong nose and eyebrows. She looks like one of the redtail hawks that are so common out here on the prairie--I've always loved them.

She's gorgeous with Atsu!

You actually have helped to motivate me to get my a$$ in gear and work on up Julia. I wanna play big girls too!

so email me. :P

Hee! Motivation R Us. I'm trying to figure out how to knit a bell sleeve in BJD scale, so it may be this afternoon before I email you . . .

And there's MY MAN! *happiness*

How many userpics do you have, anyway??? ;-)

I missed the Mally-and-Atsu pic . . . eeee . . . they have the same *mouth* . . . they are MEANT TO KISS, dammit!!

*acts as an Agent Of Karma*

-- A ;D

I've been trying to work out the physics of that one . . . her nose is a tad intrusive, so far. But there MUST be some angle that will work, without scraping up both faceups (eep! noooooooo!). *determined*

Congratulations *!*!*!*!
She is breath taking !!!
Absolutely a work of art !!!!!
I love that green chest/furniture too!

They make a stunning couple!!!

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