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Did someone say "assassin"?
Sasha Blaze
See the lovely citizen of the floating world. Ohayo gozaimasu, o-hana-san.


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AAAGGGHH. I swear to god, I got actual goosebumps when I got to the photo of her raising the sword. The look in her EYES in that one, the first sword pic!!!

F'ing stunning, American Cynthia. Blinding.

And damn, can she pose or WHAT?!!

Vwaaaaahhh . . . she can HOLD THINGS! It's like the Holy Grail of BJD engineering--to make a doll that can hold a katana over her head while standing on her own. All hail Dollmore!

And, well, Rachel's a genius, that's all there is to it. :-)

EXCELLENT JOB! Love the photos and the way you staged them . . . just lovely. AND your doll!! And the kimono!! And the katana!! ALL GORGEOUS! Where did you find such treasures??? ♥ ♥ ♥

PS - what type of doll is she?

eBay, eBay, and eBay, I'm afraid . . . I spend FAR too much time there, not to mention money. ;-)

The kimono is from one of kimono-japan's auctions a month or two ago; the katana is from Outpost Knives, which has an eBay store; and lovely Mally Lee is a Dollmore Model Bella Auden, painted by Evenstar. *happy sigh*

She looks like she really MEANS it!

Whoa, yeah. The boys don't get all that serious about their swords, mainly because they keep DROPPING them, but . . . the lady does mean business. ;-)


she is so intelligent and determined-looking... wow. what character in this face... she's awesome...

DAY-YUM!!!!!!!!!!! woweee moremoremoremore

OMG, I don't want to do ANYTHING except play with her, but I just have to--the house looks like a BJD-stuff hailstorm just passed through, I have no clean clothes, and, er, groceries? What are groceries??

It sucks, being a grownup.

(Deleted comment)
Flatterer! ;-) Thank you so much, and I only wish I could take the kinds of pictures I really *want* to take--but my technical skills are nothing to write home about, that's for sure.

She is just amazing, but even before this particular version popped up, I kept going back to look at Dollmore's pictures of Bella Auden--something about that nose and the proportions of the face fascinated me, even though I didn't quite realize how much. I think a Dollmore Model is WELL worth putting on the wishlist!

***** best girl photos evar ******

..i love the warm and cool tones of the photography...you've got yourself some unbelievably damned great photos there...stupendous!!!...I've looked at this doll too,but i thought the company photos of her were way too feminine....you have transformed her beyond ...brought out her strengths ..i can't imagine dollmore wouldn't love to see these photos,they are that good,trust ..i would forward a link to these on to the company if i was you !!!!...congrats on wonderful work,you should be very proud!!!!!

Re: ***** best girl photos evar ******

Awwwwwww, thank you! She is an amazing subject for the camera, and MUCH easier to dress (in terms of size) than I expected. But I suspect Dollmore *wouldn't* especially want to see these, because this is an artist faceup, not one of theirs--it was their face painting that kept holding me back, because I thought the strong lip color made Bella's face look harsher than it needed to.

And Evenstar proved me right . . .

Toldya the Dollmore Models rocked on the posing front.

She's very cool in the kimono! I feel so out of the loop - I didn't even know you'd gotten her yet. Can't wait to see she and Atsumori together (unless I missed that somewhere...)

It was like boom-boom-boom around here--mad impulse, mad bidding, then WHAMMO she was here! *pointing down* for one quick pic of her with Atsu-kun, and they are sooooooo pretty together . . .

Yeah, THIS is the big girl I wanted. And I don't promise that I won't want two Models, in the long run. Such a great doll--yay, Dollmore!

OH MY GOODNESS SHE'S STUNNING IN THAT KIMONO~!!!! And I love the charm in her hair ^o^

Ooooo, thanks, and that hair thingy came with the kimono!!! I was so excited when I got that set, but then my Sooah preorder fell through, and I was afraid I'd never be able to use it . . . but yay, kimono-japan makes things long enough even for the BIG girls!

I'm really impressed with the sewing and all the details, too. Lovely, lovely work.

Wow ... the pic of her with the sword is fanastic! So real, she has such life!

I'm still gleefully wandering around the house, finding small objects for her to hold . . . the combination of the incredibly real faceup and the great jointing is just AMAZING!

*overflowing with resin love*

*shrieks in delight* She! Is! SUBLIME!!!!

Words fail me . . . *flails incoherently*

-- A :D :D :D :D

I keep expecting her to get up and walk across the room--she looks that lifelike! And she fits into clothes I already have! Life holds no greater satisfaction, lolllllll.


She's just perfect !*!*!*!

She absolutely, truly is. I can't stop playing with her!

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