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Insane Squirrel Productions presents: Sweaters for Sale!
Sasha Blaze
Mmmmkay, here's what's ready to mail right now. Prices: $35 postage paid (anywhere) for solid color sweaters; $40 postage paid (anywhere) for stripes or yoke pattern. Oh, and $22 shipped for the geeky sweater vest, if anybody wants to give my prototype a home. My Paypal ID is drmatilda AT cableone DOT net, CC Paypal is fine, no fees, etc. Take $2 off the second sweater, if you want more than one of these.

A word about fit: these are all pretty forgiving, and the only big difference in size is in the sleeve length. The models are the ones who seemed to suit each sweater best, but I've had every sweater on every guy and the results were just fine. If you don't mind scrunching up or easing down the sleeves, don't worry overmuch about size (exceptions noted below).

Apologies in advance for the washed-out faces of the models--the sun was just too bright. The actual sweater colors look pretty accurate on my monitor, though.

1. Varsity, left to right: (a) Crewneck in Autumn Leaves (mohair-textured acrylic body yarn, wool accent yarns). (b) Crewneck in Bark (mohair-textured acrylic body yarn, wool accent yarn). (c) Turtleneck in Faded Blues (100% wool). All, snap-back closure.

2. Geek Chic: high V-neck sweater vest in Embers (Italian wool/nylon/mohair blend). Pulls over head (no back opening); absolutely won't go over any head larger than Hound's.

3. Cozy: hip-length turtleneck in September Sky (mohair-textured acrylic). Snap-back closure.

ON HOLD 4. Geese in the Wheat: Icelandic-style yoke-patterned turtleneck in sage tweed (acrylic body yarn, wool accent yarns). Snap-back closure.

COCOA ON HOLD 5. Ribsticker: allover ribbed turtleneck pullover, high hip length, in (a) Woods (acrylic/wool blend), on Lyon, or (b) Cocoa (100% alpaca), on Atsumori. No closure; (a) won't fit over any head bigger than Hound, but (b) is stretchier. (This alpaca yarn has to be felt to be believed!)

And in case you're wondering, here's what's in progress:

--an allover cable pattern with turtleneck, the first one in pure white
--more Icelandics in various colorways, no two alike
--roll-edged sweaters like this one (which I can't bear to sell because it looks so good on Kanbei and I can't get any more of this particular yarn, *sniffle*):

--and the styles that I promised to experiment with (you know who you are!)

Lagniappe: Mally Lee proves that Dollmore Models can, indeed, wear SD13 girl-sized tops!

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i must confess i'm inappropriately wishing i was a resin girl so I could rip those jeans off kanbei *sweatdrop*

i love the blues one on pen... (psst i love pen) and the geese in the wheat... these are ALL awesome cynthia!! you knitting queen you!!!

Ooooyeah, does Kanbei look hot in those jeans, or what? I've decided that zagzagael is right: Yukinojo's purpose in life is to be a sexy bit of resin. And if he wants to keep the sweater, he can keep the sweater, sheesh.

I need to do more with all the cones of weaving yarn I have--doubled, it's just perfect for nice cozy BJD sweaters, and combining two shades makes for some pretty results (like the blues sweater).

So-oooo, how about a little cropped granny-square cardigan for Mally, huh? (And put her name on a steel-blue ballet wrap shrug, please, when you have some time on your hands.)

that steel grey i have? like libertine had on? you got it! it is so pretty...and i will make the sleeves and torso a little longer for her, is what i'll do...

granny square cardigan, zomg, lol... ohh-KAY... gimme time to figure out a pattern for that, ROFL!

yeah kanbei is really wearing those jeans AND that sweater. I'd keep that one too if I were you, it just GOES so well on him. he's all "are you chilly? come sit a little closer, then" and the girls attack him.

at least that's what's happening in MY little fantasy, erm. okay um i gotta go

Remind me tomorrow, and I'll measure her loooooooooong arms--I'm too sleepy tonight (as witness the fact that I typed "goo" THREE TIMES before I managed to hit the "t"). ;-)


How I wish I had bought a whole bag of that bronze Filatura di Crosa yarn, instead of just three balls "to try." Of course it was on remainder even then, and of course by now it's long sold out everywhere. *sigh*

Gorgeous sweaters!

I owe you an email, don't I?

Ummmmmmm, I prolly owe you one!

Gaaaaahhhh, I love that icon of Ullrich . . .

Ripster and geese in wheat I want...


I have people over this weekend so I need to look at your sweaters again. Closer, but I think I want those at least. They would be for Christian (Bermann). Are the wrists really loose? The hands are more spread out on the Bermann's than on Hounds.

Thank you honey! I know I need to talk to you about other stuff you wanted me to email you!

Your name's on 'em--decide which of the ribbed ones you like better (I'm going to get a nicer picture of the alpaca one later today, and swap it for the crappy shot against the tree). Have fun with your peeps!

Oh, and the wrists are really stretchy--I've gotten all the cuffs over SD16 hands, so I don't *think* there would be a problem with Christian's. But the Cocoa ribbed sweater is stretchier all over, so it might work better for him than the Woods.

And actually, this is what I wanted to e you about! ;-)

I have to catch up some more! I promise to contact you in a few days! YIKES!

I wish you had some msd sized dolls to play with, because my boy Reggie needs a sweatervest. xD Oh well. I think the prototype you have up there would look nice a little bit longer. :)

Thanks! I like short 1930s-style sweater vests myself. And no, I don't have any MSDs, just a Unoa boy, but knitting in that scale isn't as much fun for me anyway. :-(

Just a thought: you might check out fashion-doll sites, because vests for Tonner's Matt or the Trent doll from Ashton-Drake's Gene line could work on MSDs (not sure about that, though).

accchhhkkkk I saw this too late, darn you Mercy!

ahem since geese in wheat is taken, I think I'd really like the Varsity one in crewneck Autumn... or an icelandic if one's near done???

If you want to wait, I'll be Icelandiccing more soon--say, next weekish. ;-) Do you like the cream fleck background or the sage fleck background better?

cream please. But you know do what color is appealing to you at the time.

Oh, I have TONS of that yarn, and I'm thinking . . . black edge pattern for the yoke, camel background, and some contrast color or other . . . yup, it's visualized. :-)

BTW, I laughed and laughed and LAUGHED at that icon. I'm still giggling fitfully, and I don't even pay attention to FF. ^_^

Oh yes my Cloud on the phone to Reno. Silliness abounds - but only in my imagination because Cloud does not actually have a sense of humor.

Black and camel! oh yeah do that. 40 bucks right? I'll paypal ya.

Eep, no, wait till I have it finished--I'll feel horrible if some insane crisis happens at work and I can't get the knitting done as soon as I expect!

Kapono: :::smiles::: we will hold off for a time then. Let us know...this is to be my sweater!

me: Kap, what are you doing on the computer.

Kapono: making financial arrangements.

me: :::sigh::::

I fear the day when Kapono and Atsumori get together to compare notes on Internet commerce. I truly do.

*revolving pattern ideas in my head while knitting happily away . . . *

me: hmmmm do you think it's a Dollshe thing?

It must be--now we need to figure out why. One would think that the SD16 would be big enough and articulated enough to use a human-sized computer . . . but no, it's the Dollshes, all the way. Hrm.

Joey, if you want the one I wanted, you can buy it instead!

It's ok!

Yum yum YUM!!! Love the sweaters!

*also wiggly-with-excitement-over-Seekrit-Stuff*

-- A :D

I'm not sure Riunite on Ice (TM) is exactly working out, but I'll have pictures for you & Kira by next weekend . . .

*still can't help giggling about that*

Sorry to hear that it's misbehaving, though! Out of knitting curiosity, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it when you're done -- Kira's interested in knitting for dolls at some point, but we're still learning about the properties of different yarns, etc. (Okay, mostly she's knitting and I'm kibitzing due to the state of my hands, but I'm always interested in the theory behind it all!)


-- A :>

Oh, the practical problem with the Riunite is really simple--the only yarn I have on hand in the right color is worsted-weight, and so it's pretty thick & bulky in BJD scale. We'll see whether it looks like a big cozy real sweater when it's done, or whether it will just look like I didn't have any yarn in the right weight. All bets are off. ;-)

As for properties of yarns: wool is the best! Wool is beautiful and forgiving, and it feels wonderful in the hand. *loving the sheep hair*

Fingers crossed for cozy!

You know, I can't remember if we've ever talked about my off-label uses for wool . . . hehe!!

This was my hair-extensions business for a number of years:


I'm on semi-permanent hiatus because of the state of my hands, but this is why I have 89723434 balls of hand-dyed Point Five and similar living in my guest bedroom ;D

(Oh, and if you ever want any super-chunky wool, come to me!)

-- A <3<3

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