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Insane Squirrel Productions presents: Sweaters for Sale!

Mmmmkay, here's what's ready to mail right now. Prices: $35 postage paid (anywhere) for solid color sweaters; $40 postage paid (anywhere) for stripes or yoke pattern. Oh, and $22 shipped for the geeky sweater vest, if anybody wants to give my prototype a home. My Paypal ID is drmatilda AT cableone DOT net, CC Paypal is fine, no fees, etc. Take $2 off the second sweater, if you want more than one of these.

A word about fit: these are all pretty forgiving, and the only big difference in size is in the sleeve length. The models are the ones who seemed to suit each sweater best, but I've had every sweater on every guy and the results were just fine. If you don't mind scrunching up or easing down the sleeves, don't worry overmuch about size (exceptions noted below).

Apologies in advance for the washed-out faces of the models--the sun was just too bright. The actual sweater colors look pretty accurate on my monitor, though.

1. Varsity, left to right: (a) Crewneck in Autumn Leaves (mohair-textured acrylic body yarn, wool accent yarns). (b) Crewneck in Bark (mohair-textured acrylic body yarn, wool accent yarn). (c) Turtleneck in Faded Blues (100% wool). All, snap-back closure.

2. Geek Chic: high V-neck sweater vest in Embers (Italian wool/nylon/mohair blend). Pulls over head (no back opening); absolutely won't go over any head larger than Hound's.

3. Cozy: hip-length turtleneck in September Sky (mohair-textured acrylic). Snap-back closure.

ON HOLD 4. Geese in the Wheat: Icelandic-style yoke-patterned turtleneck in sage tweed (acrylic body yarn, wool accent yarns). Snap-back closure.

COCOA ON HOLD 5. Ribsticker: allover ribbed turtleneck pullover, high hip length, in (a) Woods (acrylic/wool blend), on Lyon, or (b) Cocoa (100% alpaca), on Atsumori. No closure; (a) won't fit over any head bigger than Hound, but (b) is stretchier. (This alpaca yarn has to be felt to be believed!)

And in case you're wondering, here's what's in progress:

--an allover cable pattern with turtleneck, the first one in pure white
--more Icelandics in various colorways, no two alike
--roll-edged sweaters like this one (which I can't bear to sell because it looks so good on Kanbei and I can't get any more of this particular yarn, *sniffle*):

--and the styles that I promised to experiment with (you know who you are!)

Lagniappe: Mally Lee proves that Dollmore Models can, indeed, wear SD13 girl-sized tops!

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