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Perfect Match, LJ edition
Sasha Blaze
Imagine Mally Lee's long-suffering sigh . . . aye, then, where are these lads I'm to choose from?

A fine stout fellow, this one. A bit forward with his hands, mind you. Next?

I know, love. I know. Just smile for the camera, there's a fine wee man, and I'll help you find a nice lad for yourself. That's a promise.

I'd have you know that this creature is sitting on two manga books to make himself look taller. But he carries a fine blade, I'll say that for him.

Aren't you the handsome one, then? A bit full of yourself, I'd say, but we might suit, at that.

Is that the lot, then? I can't say that I'm struck blind by any of them, but I daresay I might make do.

Oh, wait, now. Who's that, sitting on the chimneypiece?

He looks like a great black crow, perched up there. But he's a bonny lad, all the same. Hey, Blackie!

Aye, I mean you. Come down and sit with me, love.

He hasn't much to say for himself, has he? But I don't mind that. Restful, that's what it is.

There, now. Aren't we a fine pair? What did you say your name is, laddie?

ATSUMORI: Will you marry me?

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(Deleted comment)
Awww, thanks--she is just amazing! I don't know how I'm going to tear myself away and go to work in the morning. *muttermutter earning a living grumblegrumble supporting the doll habit*


Miss Mally Lee's commentary regarding the "suitors" was wonderful and lovely and made me giggle, but I honestly started laughing out loud at Atsumori's line. X3

I think they'll make a fine pair, indeed. ^_^

. . . until the first time he tries to tell her how a well-brought-up Japanese lady is supposed to behave. At which point, I think the swords will come out. ^_^

oooo lyon looks like the cat who just swallowed the canary, ne?? ooo... he looks pretty pleased with that situation... they look awesome together...


ATSUMORI, NOT SO FAST! rofl... that made me laugh too, oh dear, talk about moving just a WEEEEEEEE too fast there, laddie!!

and *snerk* at etienne, rofl...

oh PS she looks REALLY good with kanbei, too, he looks like a nice big strong guy next to her -- well.. he IS a nice big strong guy, lol...

OMFG - it's the Hound!!!!!!!!!!!! What an absolutely incredibly beautiful resin couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's utterly his physical match!

Well....you got problems, resin-keeper. What are you going to do??? And your girl is so beautiful...and swoon-y. Although I must tell you the first shot of Atsu on the mantle undid me completely. *right clicks and runs*

Ha! The practical woman's answer is: deep-six the storyline whenever it becomes an obstacle, and forge ahead, taking pretty pictures for their own sake. ;-)

I more or less expected this, because I figured Lyon's beautiful Tensiya faceup would be the only one to hold its own next to Rachel's work. And he is indeed perfectly proportioned next to her, where the Saint head is a *teeny* bit small. But I like taking individual portraits best anyway, so . . . all options remain open. We shall see what we shall see!

I'm alternating between cracking up and swooning. I heart Atsumori, sitting all pouty and wounded on the mantel as the lass makes the rounds.

Poor heartbroken possessive baby . . . well, he does take a lovely picture when he's unhappy, so there's some mileage to be had there, *snicker*.

(Deleted comment)
ROFL...Go Atsu! That boy wastes no time!

Although I do have to say that she is very lovely with Lyon too. Lyon needs a girlfriend as well, don't you think? ^_____^

I have the awful sinking feeling that Dollmore Models will be just as addictive as Dollshe gentlemen. Yes, indeedy. On the other hand, think how economical it will be to have two dolls who can share a wardrobe! Yes! Yesyesyes!

LOLOL proposing marriage...oh that sweet boy, and clueless because, you know she just might have him for lunch tomorrow.

But he's so pretty! That's one reason for a stay of execution, right there . . .

Oh dear ... they are just so incredibly PERFECT together, I am amazed
Funny what she said to the Narin ... tee hee
She is one great lady

I just announced to the living room in general that I am NOT buying a boyfriend for either Claudine OR Etienne. Nuh-uh. NO way. ;-)

OMG, her commentary to ETIENNE!!!!


Atsumori is the best, I swear ^_^

Lyon does look awfully delicious with her as well . . . hehe, my advice to her, of course, is to just keep two boyfriends at a time, but I will admit that it does make time management challenging . . . *wicked grin*

Beautiful photos!

-- A :D

Hee! She does get right to the point, our Queen Bee. Poor Etienne--he just wants to swan around and be pretty, is that such a bad life plan? ;-)

Wow... he doesn't waste any time does he?

Personally, I would go withthe man with the grabby hands myself.

Or the one that has the bird hand. You KNOW you can do a LOT with that bird hand. ;)

Just kidding. Well... about going with the others... not with things one can DO with the bird hand. ;)

Ha! In hindsight, I wish I had thought of doing a reaction shot with the bird hand, because I can't imagine that Sejong would take kindly to being called out about his, er, height challenge. (Oh, I *have* to take a picture of him standing next to Lady Mally, with her saying kindly, "Who's a funny wee man, then?")

my response...



I LIKE your sassy, out-there, beautiful Mally. Boy, she did have quite the selection didn't she? But it appears she likes the dark, brooding type. The Hound was another good possibility . . . but hey, affairs of the heart can be fickle. ;)

The prettiest pairing by far is Hound + Bella--their heads look good together--so there will definitely be more pictures! I don't have the attention span to sustain a real storyline for any length of time anyway . . .

*swoons* ^o^ Ohh I just love seeing Atsu-chan and Marry-Lee together~!! *luff*

MARRY-LEE CHOOSE ATSUMORI~!!! He's a real gentleman and very sweet :3

But . . . there's something about that Hound smirk . . . it's hard to resist . . .


OMG HOW in the great heavens did I miss these?!

I'm stil rooting for Atsu.....Lyon looks a tad too delicate next to her strong, willful glare.

Ahhhh, you have a point there--though his head IS the right size. Hmmmm. *looking at the possibilities again*


Beautiful couple with The Hound .... *swoons*

She looks good with Yukinojo too...sort of the tall thin..with the muscularly..
there's a lot of personality coming forth with your Saint..
like a gothic-y looking couple...

What a beautiful group you have *~*~*~*~ !!

Ah, thank you! And there, in your icon, is one of the MOST beautiful BJDs of all time--Grae and Hook are my great heartthrobs. ^_^

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