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Perfect Match, LJ edition
Sasha Blaze
Imagine Mally Lee's long-suffering sigh . . . aye, then, where are these lads I'm to choose from?

A fine stout fellow, this one. A bit forward with his hands, mind you. Next?

I know, love. I know. Just smile for the camera, there's a fine wee man, and I'll help you find a nice lad for yourself. That's a promise.

I'd have you know that this creature is sitting on two manga books to make himself look taller. But he carries a fine blade, I'll say that for him.

Aren't you the handsome one, then? A bit full of yourself, I'd say, but we might suit, at that.

Is that the lot, then? I can't say that I'm struck blind by any of them, but I daresay I might make do.

Oh, wait, now. Who's that, sitting on the chimneypiece?

He looks like a great black crow, perched up there. But he's a bonny lad, all the same. Hey, Blackie!

Aye, I mean you. Come down and sit with me, love.

He hasn't much to say for himself, has he? But I don't mind that. Restful, that's what it is.

There, now. Aren't we a fine pair? What did you say your name is, laddie?

ATSUMORI: Will you marry me?

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Ha! The practical woman's answer is: deep-six the storyline whenever it becomes an obstacle, and forge ahead, taking pretty pictures for their own sake. ;-)

I more or less expected this, because I figured Lyon's beautiful Tensiya faceup would be the only one to hold its own next to Rachel's work. And he is indeed perfectly proportioned next to her, where the Saint head is a *teeny* bit small. But I like taking individual portraits best anyway, so . . . all options remain open. We shall see what we shall see!

Ah, apologies to Lyon - I had forgotten his name. Yes, I know EXACTLY what you're saying - it's apparent in the photos. I have the same problem with my own Saint - that goshdarned peanut head makes it very difficult to photograph with others - especially the hugely-headed Bermann. Unbelievably, Bernard has a somewhat smaller head but a larger face so I'm thinking I can get those two in the same image without awkwardness.

Well, forge ahead, dearheart, but Atsu's personality is stronger than any physical mis-match - I, for one, want to see this thing unfold...what exactly does...Lyon think about this....

*evil cackle*

Oh, heavens to Betsy--what size wig does Bernard take?? I'm trying to imagine an even smaller head than Peanut Boy's, and failing altogether. (I do see what you mean about Bernard's larger face; *that's* what I've been seeing, but haven't found a way to name.)

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