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Perfect Match, LJ edition
Sasha Blaze
Imagine Mally Lee's long-suffering sigh . . . aye, then, where are these lads I'm to choose from?

A fine stout fellow, this one. A bit forward with his hands, mind you. Next?

I know, love. I know. Just smile for the camera, there's a fine wee man, and I'll help you find a nice lad for yourself. That's a promise.

I'd have you know that this creature is sitting on two manga books to make himself look taller. But he carries a fine blade, I'll say that for him.

Aren't you the handsome one, then? A bit full of yourself, I'd say, but we might suit, at that.

Is that the lot, then? I can't say that I'm struck blind by any of them, but I daresay I might make do.

Oh, wait, now. Who's that, sitting on the chimneypiece?

He looks like a great black crow, perched up there. But he's a bonny lad, all the same. Hey, Blackie!

Aye, I mean you. Come down and sit with me, love.

He hasn't much to say for himself, has he? But I don't mind that. Restful, that's what it is.

There, now. Aren't we a fine pair? What did you say your name is, laddie?

ATSUMORI: Will you marry me?

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Ah, apologies to Lyon - I had forgotten his name. Yes, I know EXACTLY what you're saying - it's apparent in the photos. I have the same problem with my own Saint - that goshdarned peanut head makes it very difficult to photograph with others - especially the hugely-headed Bermann. Unbelievably, Bernard has a somewhat smaller head but a larger face so I'm thinking I can get those two in the same image without awkwardness.

Well, forge ahead, dearheart, but Atsu's personality is stronger than any physical mis-match - I, for one, want to see this thing unfold...what exactly does...Lyon think about this....

*evil cackle*

Oh, heavens to Betsy--what size wig does Bernard take?? I'm trying to imagine an even smaller head than Peanut Boy's, and failing altogether. (I do see what you mean about Bernard's larger face; *that's* what I've been seeing, but haven't found a way to name.)

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