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Perfect Match, LJ edition
Sasha Blaze
Imagine Mally Lee's long-suffering sigh . . . aye, then, where are these lads I'm to choose from?

A fine stout fellow, this one. A bit forward with his hands, mind you. Next?

I know, love. I know. Just smile for the camera, there's a fine wee man, and I'll help you find a nice lad for yourself. That's a promise.

I'd have you know that this creature is sitting on two manga books to make himself look taller. But he carries a fine blade, I'll say that for him.

Aren't you the handsome one, then? A bit full of yourself, I'd say, but we might suit, at that.

Is that the lot, then? I can't say that I'm struck blind by any of them, but I daresay I might make do.

Oh, wait, now. Who's that, sitting on the chimneypiece?

He looks like a great black crow, perched up there. But he's a bonny lad, all the same. Hey, Blackie!

Aye, I mean you. Come down and sit with me, love.

He hasn't much to say for himself, has he? But I don't mind that. Restful, that's what it is.

There, now. Aren't we a fine pair? What did you say your name is, laddie?

ATSUMORI: Will you marry me?

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No, he's not a mini, but he's waaaaaay little compared to other SD-sized guys: 54 cm, exactly the same height (and size, to be honest) as a Customhouse GIRL. Where the Dollmore Models are 70cm, give or take a few. It's just not a match made in heaven . . .

Well, heaven for SOME guys. Does his head fit in her boobage (may I ask?)? Heh.

What a question!

Sorry. I'm a perv.

Your POOR new dolly.

Gayle will be making clothes for your doll too, you know. Do you know her? She's great with Hound/Bermann clothing and she owns two of the model girls. She can hook you up with some reasonably priced clothing I'm sure if you are interested. :)

Hee! I haven't checked, but I'm sure I will at some point. And I need to pm Gayle sometime, for sure--great idea!

You know, I wanted to compement you on your Mally. She is so different than the other model girls and you've really made her your own. I admire that when people do that with their dolls. I love her wig! It looks like feathers or soft fur...anyhow, she's awesome and that's why I was throwing you all the (probably) obnoxious ideas. Feel free to ignore where you will. :)

*big hugs*, sweetie! But ALLLLLLLLL the compliments belong to Rachel (Evenstar)--without this incredible painting job, there would be just another Bella Auden floating around with the default Dollmore faceup, looking sort of bitchy and dull. It doesn't take much imagination or effort to bring a doll to life when she's this fabulous to start with!

I do adore that fur/feather-ish wig--I bought it from Bel awhile back, on impulse, and couldn't figure out what I thought I was going to do with it.

Sadly, I think Sejong's face is going to hit her in the wrong place. Er, not the RIGHT wrong place. That is . . .

. . . oh, never mind. ;-)

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