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Imaginary shopping for BJD girls
Sasha Blaze
Y'know, I'm reasonably satisfied with the BJD clothes options that are available for Claudine. Well, okay, fit can be an issue with CH girls, but that notwithstanding . . . Claudine looks cute in the casual, schoolgirl, classic, and sub-Loli stuff that's all over the market, so I have no problem finding things to buy for her. (As witness the plastic bins that are now crowding out my own clothes in the closets here.)

But IwantIwantIwantIwant the kinds of clothes for Mally Lee that I'm seeing in the catalogs (that is, catalogs aimed at much younger, thinner, and cooler girls than I am myself). And I want them to be made extremely well, meticulously finished, using appropriately-scaled fabrics and trimmings--up to Musedoll standards or DollHeart standards of professionalism, in other words. (Picky much? Ummmmyeah. I have a spectacular, very special doll here, and I want to dress her as well as she deserves.)

As a f'rinstance, these outfits:


And this dress:


And this madly adorable skirt:



Dollmore's clothing selection for the Models is nowhere near being fresh enough for Lady Mally. To my eye, most of the stuff is either matronly, tarty, or girlishly foofy--sometimes all three at once, which is a tough stunt to pull off. And don't get me started on the shoes! (Boden has the most insanely cute moccasin flats, here: http://www.boden.co.uk/col.asp?segname=Women&styid=AR300&segid=6&gpname=Shoes+%26+Boots&desname=Moccasin+Slippers&gpid=18&gen= But I digress.) Ditto Iplehouse's few Dollshe-girl wardrobe options. I've ordered a few basics (*koffkoff* okay, that's an understatement *koffkoff*), but in less than ten days I've pretty much exhausted the supply of what I consider to be worth buying. Which is sad, people. Sad, sad, sad.

Aiyaiyai, just tell me to shut up and learn to sew, already.

Edited to add: I really don't have anything useful to say about yesterday's BJD telenovela episode. It's all been said, far more eloquently than I could, by others: I'm appalled by the vindictiveness and immaturity that seem to be rampant in some circles, and if I were Aimee, I would be sorely tempted to close DoA permanently, just to be rid of what has to be an enormous and permanent headache. Me, I'm just here for the pretty dollies, and I count myself lucky to have so many generous people providing bandwidth and doing the hard graft of moderating *thousands of people's* chatter about the pretty dollies.

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i am sooo sure that people on DOA can make some of this stuff for you. Email pam, gayle, they have models!!!

i love these clothes too, they rock.

oooo, that's right--and I even have a couple of pieces on the way from Pam, which I, um, forgot about . . .

Aren't those great outfits? I LOVE what I'm seeing in the catalogs and the fashion magazines this fall (especially British Vogue. British Vogue rocks!).

Those are the sorts of clothes I want for Anninka, too. And I can't sew either. It's very depressing.

Even if I did whip myself into a frenzy of old-dog-learning-new-tricks-ness and invest in a sewing machine and whatnot, I know I still wouldn't sew well enough to satisfy myself. Bah.

Julia & I share your pain...

If we whine enough, do you suppose Mutti might take pity on our big gals?

*whineWHINEwhinewhinewhine* *whimper* *putting paw on her knee and making big sad puppy eyes*

I'm working on her, but the bad part is that since Julia was unfinished at the time I didn't take her with me to CA for Mutti to measure, make a bust of, outline etc.

Add that to my list of hunny-do's I guess...

Heeeeee, I was looking at Anthropolgie yesterday and espied that Shakespeare in the park knitted camisole/bustier top thingee and thought I might try and copy that doll-size. I also love the Turtle Pond top.

I would love, love, love more high fashion stuff for a couple of my girls.....and also can't sew. Must. Learn.

Also......many, many congrats on the absolutely stunning and breath-taking Mally Lee (adore her name, so perfect) and I love what you're doing with her.
She looks fab in that vest top with the frilly hem.

And (there's more - heh, I'm catching up!!!! ^_^ ) - my heart skipped a beat seeing your picture of SA Saint - sorry, his name has escaped me at the mo - sitting above the fireplace. OMG, he is so gorgeous (plus the one in his woolly, rarrrrrr!!)

Ooooo, I hope you do tackle the Shakespeare whatchamacallit! Logic tells me that I could reproduce that Turtle Pond pullover with laceweight yarn, time, and patience . . . but common sense tells me that I won't. ;-)

Mally IS wonderful, isn't she? I take no credit for her at all, at all--any fool can write a check. I'm just gobsmacked that she lives with me now!

And since I never use my fireplace (not built up to local code, long story), it's a great perch for sad and brooding BJDs. The Dollshe boys are especially nice up there, with their long legs dangling.

*grumblegrumble* Stupid Anthropologie not only refusing to make clothes in MY size, now they won't even clothe Mally??!? What use are they??

/silly rant ;>

I need to scan the patterns from the BJD Orbyrarium -- there's one dress that Mally might like, if made to her measurements. Wish someone locally had a Model -- my friend angldst is a human-sized fashion designer who's branching out into BJD clothes, but she's really only made stuff for the CP Mature body so far, because that's her only doll. (I of course let her borrow mine on occasion for sizing, but I don't have anyone Mally's height aside from Marten-the-Hound *grin*)

If Pam or Gayle is interested in making the dress, I can scan/send the pattern if they don't have the book :>

-- A <3<3

Ain't it the truth? Though, considering that Anthropologie's idea of a size XL is sometimes a 10-12, Mally might actually fit into their size S . . .

I loaned my Orbyrarium to a sewing friend, come to think of it--even though she only wants to sew for Claudine (Deeners has a fan! a real fan!), at least I do have all the patterns, or will when I get my book back from her. *plotting and scheming*

Argh, I *know* . . . "XL" my -- (uh, actually-XL-sized) ass!! ;P

(I'm about a size 14 on the bottom, 16 on top . . . and it's SO random as to whether clothes are going to fit me -- sometimes I can get skirts from The Limited that fit, other times I have to go to Lane Bryant -- which often runs too BIG for me. Bah!)

The problem is that I *love* the clothes/style at Anthropologie, but I've gotten so sick of their sizing that I can't even go in the store :/

*whine whine whine*

Uh, don't mind me going off on a ranty personal tangent ;)

LMAO at the possibility of Mally fitting into their size S, btw ;D

Oooh, yes, definitely see if you can get that dress pattern resized for Mally -- it's pretty similar to the one you linked to, if you picked the right fabrics! I wish that *I* could sew . . . alas, my talents are limited to drawing/painting/sculpting, my sewing is unfortunately completely atrocious.

Can't wait to see Mally in her new threads! Did you pick up that slick black trouser suit that Dollmore was selling for the Model girls? Rawr!

-- A ^_^

My mother was a brilliant cook, but she wasn't interested at all in any kind of needlework or other craft--my only exposure to sewing came from a truly horrible and offputting home ec class in 7th grade. In hindsight, how stupid was I, not to let my sewing/crafting great-aunt Grace teach me what she knew? *sigh*

I keep looking at that black trouser suit, but the trousers--well, the trousers don't look to me as if they fit as well as I think they should. I'm a tiny bit leery of Dollmore clothes, after seeing how badly their Hound things fit, but if the basic pieces I *have* ordered from them for Mally are okay, I might splash out on the suit sometime. There's an almost-more-fabulous skirted suit for Dollshe Afghan from Iplehouse, though . . .

I've had good luck with Dollmore stuff, but I've never ordered anything Hound-sized (usually MSD-sized stuff, although I have some SD-sized shirts) . . . what was the problem with the fit/quality, if you don't mind me asking?

(I'll bet batchix could alter those trousers if they needed it, btw -- she's a genius at making perfectly-fitted pants!)

Ooohhh . . . decisions . . . decisions . . .

I agree that the fit of the Iple House trousers are better (I think the Dollmore pair is going for a Katharine Hepburn look, which is awesome but not quite *my* style) . . . I have to say that I like these tall girls in pantsuits more than skirts in general, although they do have gorgeous gams.

I'd love to see a Model girl turned out rockabilly-style, with a pegged pencil skirt, off-shoulder fitted top with 3/4 sleeves, and a Bettie Page hairstyle . . . wow!

I think Mally may be giving me a Look right now . . . *>_>*

I wish I'd managed to learn to knit from my grandmother and great-aunt -- I did try, FWIW!! I have some very sweet things that they knitted for my Cabbage Patch Kids from when I was a little girl . . . can't bear to part with them, even though the actual dolls are long-gone.

Mally looks so *excellent* in that kimono that I almost hate to see her take it off!! ;>

-- A <3<3

Aaaahhhh, the Dollmore clothes I've bought for Lyon are *much* too big--the shirts, especially, are ludicrously oversized, and (IMO) not in a cool street-funk kind of way. I much prefer the cut of Iplehouse and Tensiya clothes. So far, though, the Model things are working well . . . ve shall see . . .

You know, I sorta have the pieces for the rockabilly look--though the wig is more Dolly Parton than Bettie Page (a lavender/blonde "Tohko" from Jpop)!

I didn't learn to knit until I was in graduate school, and spending a year in Scotland: I traded craft knowledge with a friend there (I taught her to do counted cross-stitch, and she taught me to knit). So my first scarf was knitted on the train from Edinburgh to Mallaig!

I love that kimono, too--I'm SO glad it fits Mally well enough to be going on with, because I figured I had sunk money into something I would never be able to use without the Sooah . . .

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