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Imaginary shopping for BJD girls

Y'know, I'm reasonably satisfied with the BJD clothes options that are available for Claudine. Well, okay, fit can be an issue with CH girls, but that notwithstanding . . . Claudine looks cute in the casual, schoolgirl, classic, and sub-Loli stuff that's all over the market, so I have no problem finding things to buy for her. (As witness the plastic bins that are now crowding out my own clothes in the closets here.)

But IwantIwantIwantIwant the kinds of clothes for Mally Lee that I'm seeing in the catalogs (that is, catalogs aimed at much younger, thinner, and cooler girls than I am myself). And I want them to be made extremely well, meticulously finished, using appropriately-scaled fabrics and trimmings--up to Musedoll standards or DollHeart standards of professionalism, in other words. (Picky much? Ummmmyeah. I have a spectacular, very special doll here, and I want to dress her as well as she deserves.)

As a f'rinstance, these outfits:

And this dress:

And this madly adorable skirt:


Dollmore's clothing selection for the Models is nowhere near being fresh enough for Lady Mally. To my eye, most of the stuff is either matronly, tarty, or girlishly foofy--sometimes all three at once, which is a tough stunt to pull off. And don't get me started on the shoes! (Boden has the most insanely cute moccasin flats, here: But I digress.) Ditto Iplehouse's few Dollshe-girl wardrobe options. I've ordered a few basics (*koffkoff* okay, that's an understatement *koffkoff*), but in less than ten days I've pretty much exhausted the supply of what I consider to be worth buying. Which is sad, people. Sad, sad, sad.

Aiyaiyai, just tell me to shut up and learn to sew, already.

Edited to add: I really don't have anything useful to say about yesterday's BJD telenovela episode. It's all been said, far more eloquently than I could, by others: I'm appalled by the vindictiveness and immaturity that seem to be rampant in some circles, and if I were Aimee, I would be sorely tempted to close DoA permanently, just to be rid of what has to be an enormous and permanent headache. Me, I'm just here for the pretty dollies, and I count myself lucky to have so many generous people providing bandwidth and doing the hard graft of moderating *thousands of people's* chatter about the pretty dollies.
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