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"As his strong hands roved over her trembling body . . ."
Sasha Blaze
The name of Fabio has been bandied about once too often in connection with Yukinojo. I take up the challenge!

Poor Kanbei. I'm ashamed of myself, I really am.

IRL, I'm a degree or two beyond irritated over being called back to the office today. Why? Because an administrator has a flea in his ear (or possibly elsewhere) about a student organization that's housed in but not controlled by my department. And that's protected by the First Amendment, to boot. This is keeping me here, during spring break, on one of my vacation days, when I had planned to be driving a carload of BJDs up the highway for a playdate with batchix's boys.

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Brava, brava!!!

Fun, fun - and don't feel ashamed - best to fight fire with fire, I say, and you've got one hell of a conflagration there!

I don't understand how you've been able to amass these big boy clothes - where did you get that shirt????

He's so handsome.

Hee! Now that I have that out of my system, I can get on with making him look the way I intended.

Where did get that shirt? Lemme think. On eBay, maybe? It wasn't from the original maker, I'm sure--someone was selling off unwanted bits & bobs, and I happened to notice this one.

I have an embarrassing amount of BJD stuff here. I should do a good spring cleaning and sell/trade a bunch of it, but I'm a hoarder by nature. It's so hard to let go of anything that I might conceivably someday want to find again.

fabio who? he is only like literaly 50,0000 x better looking than fabio EVER was. he was too... ew, fabio, just... "ew"

yeahhh the girls are wondering when i'm gonna get a hottie like this in my house, I told them, "when you start earning me some money, you moochers" so... no yukofabio for me.

RE going in to work: I still say...rat poison. coffee. "oops!"

I betcha Memphis would find a way to raise some money, if you gave her first rights to Yukofabio . . . heh heh heh.

Hawt!@!! Now do one reinacting the pigeon-in-the-face episode! Hee.

Don't tempt me! Hmmmmm, what do I have around here? There are those feather robins that I put on the Christmas tree--there's an idea--


Nah, I couldn't do that to him. The Super Fabio Brother shoot was undignified enough for one week. ;-)

Oooo. He's WAY hawter than Fabio, but he is fabu! Sorry...I couldn't resist.

Sorry that your vacation day is screwed up. BOO!


At least I got home when there's still plenty of light left . . . camera, here I come . . .

(Deleted comment)
Cross my heart! The next set of pictures will be all heroic and hakama-clad. :-)

my oh my oh my

btw you need to go on that playdate, shame on that administrator

Nothing like a little power to go to some people's heads, you know? *sigh*

But there will be another playdate, there will, there will!

just back to ogle again, rofl... I think we should all finish writing the re-enactment started above, ROFL... the cheesier the better...

..."her tiny fists beat upon his unyielding, rock-hard chest. Let me go! let me go!" she cried weakly, but she knew she would succumb to his warm gaze soon enough, drowning in his deep eyes. His hot fingers traced across her..."

ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ah ahaaaaaa

"No," she breathed softly. "No, no, no. It's a sin, Duke Wolfgang!"

"Your lips say no, my sweet, but your eyes . . ."

Nah, just shoot me now.

i am so sad that I have to wait to meet him! ;o;//

Argh, so am I!

Finally home. Did not commit administrative murder. Thought about it, though . . .

(Deleted comment)
Hiya, and thanks for joining up! I'm having waaaaaay too much fun here, but one of these days my pictures will look as good as Mercy's and Zagzagael's.

Maybe. :-)

And my general position is that you need a D. Everyone needs a D.

your pictures are really great of him, even though it's probably difficult to get a bad shot of him. so handsome!

Aw, thanks, Paul! That big nose of his is a little hard to work around, but I think I'll get the hang of it in time . . .

(Deleted comment)
Hee! *deep bow* and thanks for the kind words. I've had so much fun this week, and I hate to see work start up again, because it will suck away nearly all my lovely LJ time.

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