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"As his strong hands roved over her trembling body . . ."
Sasha Blaze
The name of Fabio has been bandied about once too often in connection with Yukinojo. I take up the challenge!

Poor Kanbei. I'm ashamed of myself, I really am.

IRL, I'm a degree or two beyond irritated over being called back to the office today. Why? Because an administrator has a flea in his ear (or possibly elsewhere) about a student organization that's housed in but not controlled by my department. And that's protected by the First Amendment, to boot. This is keeping me here, during spring break, on one of my vacation days, when I had planned to be driving a carload of BJDs up the highway for a playdate with batchix's boys.

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(Deleted comment)
Hiya, and thanks for joining up! I'm having waaaaaay too much fun here, but one of these days my pictures will look as good as Mercy's and Zagzagael's.

Maybe. :-)

And my general position is that you need a D. Everyone needs a D.

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