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Random doll blather, usw.
Sasha Blaze
I put some of the sweaters up on eBay, just to see what would happen . . .

A dear friend up the road is sewing nifty stuff for my crew: get a load of Claudine's extremely sophisticated new look here!

Claudine would like to remind everyone that she isn't ALWAYS thirteen-and-a-half, and that it's a lady's prerogative to be seventeen for a while if she feels like it.

Not that anyone's been following the fate of poor Etienne with bated breath, or anything, but . . . he'll be going off to a new home, a new name, and a new lease on life soon. Someone on DoA fell madly in love with him, and it seemed like the right time to let him go.

Kanbei, who had been a little unloved in recent weeks, is officially reprieved, thanks to a pair of Volks goldenrod eyes that took away the shellshocked blank stare and made him look sexy and warm and intelligent again.

Yo, keiki_boys! Six rows to go on Kapono's sweater! ^_^

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the shoes where'd you get claudeenies' SHOES??!?!?!??!?!

she is such the stinker. i love her. she is SO effing cute!

Aren't those a hoot? I've had them for ages--I can't even remember which eBay seller I bought them from. Maybe mimiwoo or natalie622?

Kapono: :::searching through the desk for the paypal password:::

me: hold it right there big guy.

Kapono: :::putting his hands behind his back::: only meant to help Ms J.

me: :::frowning::: yeah okay. Six rows. We're going to have a great time with this sweater - even Keahi wants to try it on.

^_^ Kapono, I think Ms. J. and you and Atsumori and I all need to have a talk about, er, the perils of online shopping . . .

*trying to imagine Keahi inside a Dollshe-sized sweater* hee!

That's class !

It's hard to find nice fitting outfits for the CH girls with the first generation bodies..she looks very much sophisticated here... lovely ..lovely !!!
Great shoes too!!

Thank you, and hi, Mia!! Glad to see you here--

This outfit was made from one of Denis Bastien's patterns (www.affordabledesigns.ca); he has several nice ones.

She does look older! I too like her shoes as well.
Good luck with ebay

I think CH girls are so versatile, in terms of how old or young they can look with a simple change of wig and clothes--even with the big innocent eyes, there's a fair range of possibilities.

Ahh!! x_x
Etienne is your Narin, yes? If it's not too late, can you please post a picture of him next to his brother? TT__TT Your old ones are now broken links, and I've been wanting to see new ones for a while. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease..

Aaahhhhh, sadly, I think I lost ALL my pictures of the two of them together in the Great Hard Disk Crash of a few weeks ago. :-( And, at this point, it seems like a bigger job than maybe it actually would be to unpack Etienne's sealed shipping box and take new pictures. But I'll dig through my online album again and hope to find one lurking there, to post as a farewell when Etienne flies off to his new home--

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