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Random doll blather, usw.

I put some of the sweaters up on eBay, just to see what would happen . . .

A dear friend up the road is sewing nifty stuff for my crew: get a load of Claudine's extremely sophisticated new look here!

Claudine would like to remind everyone that she isn't ALWAYS thirteen-and-a-half, and that it's a lady's prerogative to be seventeen for a while if she feels like it.

Not that anyone's been following the fate of poor Etienne with bated breath, or anything, but . . . he'll be going off to a new home, a new name, and a new lease on life soon. Someone on DoA fell madly in love with him, and it seemed like the right time to let him go.

Kanbei, who had been a little unloved in recent weeks, is officially reprieved, thanks to a pair of Volks goldenrod eyes that took away the shellshocked blank stare and made him look sexy and warm and intelligent again.

Yo, keiki_boys! Six rows to go on Kapono's sweater! ^_^
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