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A picture for Kapono, and a poem for everybody else
Sasha Blaze
Excuse the blocking pins and the back view, but I wanted to give keiki_boys's Kapono a chance to approve or reject this yoke design:

Seriously, J., if this yoke doesn't thrill you, there are plenty more design options where these came from!

While playing around with wigs the other day, I got this wild idea--

--which by rights should just look silly, but instead reminded me of Matthew Arnold's forsaken merman:

Come away, away, children.
Come children, come down.
The hoarse wind blows colder;
Lights shine in the town.
She will start from her slumber
When gusts shake the door;
She will hear the winds howling,
Will hear the waves roar.
We shall see, while above us
The waves roar and whirl,
A ceiling of amber,
A pavement of pearl.
Singing, 'Here came a mortal,
But faithless was she:
And alone dwell for ever
The kings of the sea.'

But, children, at midnight,
When soft the winds blow;
When clear falls the moonlight;
When spring-tides are low:
When sweet airs come seaward
From heaths starr'd with broom;
And high rocks throw mildly
On the blanch'd sands a gloom:
Up the still, glistening beaches,
Up the creeks we will hie;
Over banks of bright seaweed
The ebb-tide leaves dry.
We will gaze, from the sand-hills,
At the white, sleeping town;
At the church on the hill-side—
And then come back down.
Singing, 'There dwells a loved one,
But cruel is she.
She left lonely for ever
The kings of the sea.'
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ps wanna see kanbei in his new peepers, please, since you were so pleased.

and no, atsumori is NOT amused.

Oh, he's NEVER amused. It's a good thing I'm a lot bigger than he is, and can push him around when necessary . . .

It's a horrid gloomy day here, so I may not get enough light to show off the new peepers, but one of these days, for sure!

THAT sweater is amazing!!! Are you going into the biz then??? Cuz I have some serious commissions, girlfriend! I cannot believe you can work on that scale and get such perfect results! *impressed*

I almost squealed when I saw the boy! I'm telling you - we haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the potentialities of these new DS molds!!! You should post this shot and the poem on DoA - it's really incredible.


*greatly flattered* . . . but it's blurry! There's just not enough light this weekend to get good indoor pictures, *sigh.*

And I'm still veryveryVERYvery leery of taking any kind of specific commission, because (a) I'm not doing anything that impressive or refined with the knitting, trust me, and (b) there's no telling when some huge mess at work will sit down on me and the knitting will have to come to a screeching halt. That said . . . if you have some general wishes, email me, and I can tell you whether I have appropriate yarn or ideas, or whether the very thought makes me break out in a cold flop sweat . . .

He melts the screen... *swoon*

I love the sweater !!!!!!

Awww, thank you! Saint really is amazing--zagzagael is a bad, bad enabler, but I can't find it in my heart to blame her. ;-)

Oh my god - HOW does that WORK on him? How? He's so leonine.

I sprained something in my jaw just now, need to find a compress.

It shouldn't work! It really shouldn't! I was only looking for a spot to park that wig until I could find its plastic bag, and there was his bald head, and . . . I couldn't resist. But I was expecting it to be a big joke. *shaking head at the unexpected depths of the Dollshe heads*

Kapono: It is lovely. I'm very pleased with the look. And now I must search for trousers to match. Ms J might be ready to sew something for one of her talls by now.

me: I like it, I think with his cafe o lait skin it will be amazing. You have inspired me to make a sweater for Shan. I'm sure it won't be nearly so nice though. I just realized my big guys only have jeans and swimming suits. Time for that to change.

(Deleted comment)
I think you might be right.

During class today we were talking sweaters and darker fabrics. Gonna be interesting.

Oh, good! I do think the colors will flatter you, Kapono, and almost any trousers will work: black, grey, khaki, brown, or of course jeans. Jeans are always appropriate. ^_^

Will you be knitting, or cutting & sewing? If knitting, do you work with double-pointed needles, and if so would you like to have what I laughingly call a pattern? I've worked out the proportions pretty well by now, for both raglan and round-yoke shoulder treatments. Email me, s'il vous plait--drmatilda AT cableone DOT net.

Oh I shall be cutting and sewing. I've got a really interesting ribknit material that I'm looking forward to working with. I'll be needing to create a pattern for it. *g*

Mmmmmmmmm . . . I wish I could sew . . .

Kapono's sweater is nearly dry, and should be ready to be mailed tomorrow (or Tuesday at the latest; it's damp here this weekend, and nothing is drying the way it normally does). If you're sure you want it, my Paypal ID is drmatilda AT cableone DOT net--I need your address to get the package ready!

I love the sweaters you do...pretty pretty!

Just like Atsu...

You thinking about what colors or style Ullrich might like (plain, yoke pattern, striped, turtleneck, crewneck)? 'S gonna be his Christmas present, unless he's too sophisticated for such things as Christmas presents. ;-)

I'ma thinking... I really like those ones like the one you're doing for J, with the pattern at the top. I'll let you pick the colors. What do you think would look good on him?

He perked up at the words "Christmas Presents".

Did you get my email yesterday about the Dollmore stuffs?

I did, I did--I just didn't get an answer sent! T'anks for firing Mally's goodies on their way!! (Do I owe you for postage?)

Awwwww, I made Ullrich perk up! *SCORE!!* ^_^

Hmmmmm, how about gray for the main color, with burgundy and cream and maybe camel, or else black, for the accent colors? I found some lovely gray yarn in my stash (*note to self: CLEAN THE BASEMENT, ALREADY!*).

Sounds good to me. Ullrich likes grey. ^_^

wow that sweater is so great!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!!! They're a lot of fun to make (well, okay, darning in all the !@#*& ends is tiresome, but the rest is fun). ^_^

Sexey redheaded bishie!! O.O

And so LOVES that sweater . . . *runs to place my order for one of my Dollshe boys* ;)


Errrrrrr, my commission-anxiety will always be the elephant in the room, but . . . email me, and I can tell you what colors I have to work with! (drmatilda AT cableone DOT net)

It is SO cool watching these sweaters come together -- I know nothing about blocking except in theory, so it's really neat to see the process!!

And WOW . . . I love that poem, and Atsu really DOES suit that look . . . it's not "him" in general, but it looks gorgeous and really brings out some subtleties in his face-up and those delightful planes and shadows in his face. LOVE!!!

-- A :D

I'm a big believer in washing & blocking, or at least wet-blocking--I'll take the steam iron to seams on doll sweaters, but for these seamless ones I stick with my people-sweater technique. And I had some lurking qualms about the colorfastness of that black yarn, so a nice shampoo and a vinegar rinse were in order, just to be sure.

Rustproof T-pins are NOT, however. Feh.

That apricot wig is verrrrrrrry interesting on him! It looks vile on everybody else (Mally looks as if her head is being eaten by a large curly teddy bear), but this effect is worth playing with now and again . . .


And sorry I sort of dropped out...went on vacation. But as I mentioned...if Joey wanted those sweaters from last weke, you can sell her those. :/

Uhm, you're going to have to send me the jpgs of the ones that I told you I wanted that are available and let me know how much I owe you now. Sorry... it couldn't have happened at a worse time. :(

Sorry. mneumark@hotmail.com Take your time.

Hey, you! Welcome back, and I'm glad you had a great vacation!! I'll email you the pix in just a bit--

It's here, we haven't opened it yet, there was no light when I got home. So we'll do a little photostory tomorrow. We're all excited here.

Ooooo, yay, I'm glad it got there before the weekend!! (Why *is* "before the weekend" such an important liminal period? ;-) I hope it looks fabulous on Kapono--

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