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Happy birthday to Lyn!
Sasha Blaze
I don't have any birthday-cake pictures to offer, but Kanbei picked some pretty fall leaves for you:

Hope you have a luscious day, sweetie!

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Aww... *Kanbei love*

Thanks so much for thinking of me! *Hugs the Prof*

Leeda wants to know if Kanbei is coming to visit? *bright expectant look*


Ha! You might warn Leeda that, er, SD16s don't have much equipment . . .

Have a lovely, lovely birthday!!

Keahi: Wow he's really pretty. I'll go tell Dance about this picture. My uncle Dance really likes SD16's. *g* And he doesn't mind about equipment, he can bring his own tennis racket.

me: uh, Key, we need to talk.

*snerking* behind my hand at the joke for grownups . . . no, Key, I'm laughing WITH you, I promise!

Keahi: ::::narrowing his eyes and frowning::: well I do know NOW.

me: Keahi tells me you need to make him and Hart sweaters one day.

*deepest apologies, Keahi, dear!* ;-)

He is probably right about the sweaters, though, ummmmmmmm, the two of them would have to come and visit for a nice LONG time, so I could test the fit . . .

simply ,god he's stunning!everything
I also really love your wall? background?painting? treatment,did you do that yourself or commision it? ...its really so soothing..if you can give a tutorial on that effect someday ,I'd love to hear the details

Aaaaahhhh, that's a big painting (4 feet by 5 feet) that I bought at a faculty show when I was chair of a small college art department, several years ago--it's really lovely and subtle, though it takes up about half of my small living-room wall. I keep saying that I need to take a picture of it, just so everyone can see the whole thing . . . I'll do that someday!

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