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Paging Keeley Keena . . .

Resizing pictures for attachments is giving me fits today, for some reason, so I'll post this here instead. As you can see, I added a color to the palette for your sweater; I didn't like the way the burgundy and the denim heather were working together. But nothing is sewn up yet, so I can rip back and reknit if need be--email me and let me know if this is okay, okay?

A Lyon in the headlights:

Moving on to subjects of more general interest, or something like that . . . I'm well and truly out of sorts with myself, the office, and the universe, including the online one. Nothing terrible, just a general weariness and malaise (compounded by getting a completely stupid and unnecessary call from a group of students this afternoon; they wanted me to take their side against their student-organization advisor, and you know, I'm just not going to take anybody's side over the phone. On a Sunday afternooon, yet. When I'm feeling blue and gritchy anyway.) At any rate, please forgive me for not emailing, commenting on your posts, etc., etc.: G., this means you, if you're reading! I do have my room reserved for October 6th, and I hope your trip to Chicago is still a go.

1920s sweater pattern, BJD-sized:

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