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Paging Keeley Keena . . .
Sasha Blaze
Resizing pictures for attachments is giving me fits today, for some reason, so I'll post this here instead. As you can see, I added a color to the palette for your sweater; I didn't like the way the burgundy and the denim heather were working together. But nothing is sewn up yet, so I can rip back and reknit if need be--email me and let me know if this is okay, okay?

A Lyon in the headlights:

Moving on to subjects of more general interest, or something like that . . . I'm well and truly out of sorts with myself, the office, and the universe, including the online one. Nothing terrible, just a general weariness and malaise (compounded by getting a completely stupid and unnecessary call from a group of students this afternoon; they wanted me to take their side against their student-organization advisor, and you know, I'm just not going to take anybody's side over the phone. On a Sunday afternooon, yet. When I'm feeling blue and gritchy anyway.) At any rate, please forgive me for not emailing, commenting on your posts, etc., etc.: G., this means you, if you're reading! I do have my room reserved for October 6th, and I hope your trip to Chicago is still a go.

1920s sweater pattern, BJD-sized:

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I know exactly what you mean! Ugh.

It happens.

But at least you're making some resin boys happy with your gorgeous work. I actually like that denim and burgandy there.

*tea and cream*

*Hugs for the Prof*

I'm not KK, but the sweater looks gorgimous to me. ^_^

Maybe some Spike can cheer you up... ^_~

Hey, wow *boggles at how much great progress you've made* You are fast girl. I am not home from the con yet. Will email you Monday night with feedback!! ^____________^

I love doing colour patterns in knits.^^
And resizing the patterns is fun, too. ^^

Great work.^^

i think offering to rip ANYTHING out is nuts, considering the hours you put in !LOL!!!!!!

this is gorgeous -- and omg i love that camel one you started...........

there is definitely something going around (still? how long have I been saying that??) sigh... the universe is out of whack, to be sure, and jenna's eyes are in crooked, somebody on doa said she was fisheyed. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my week is ruined ROFL.......

i think the sweater is fab, i really like the color combo. when you're up to it could you knit one for my boys? :)

I really like the color combo, and that sweater is AWESOME!

I'm feeling you on the malaise, though -- maybe it's going around? I keep racketing between contentment and a nasty cold wet depressed who-the-hell-cares little-black-raincloud feeling . . . not even really sure where it's coming from, but I've also wanted to just leave the Internet on occasion lately.

Thankfully, I have so many awesome friends that I've met on here that I could never bear to do it . . . yourself included!!

*big squishy hugs*

-- A <3<3

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