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Saying goodbye to the Narin
Sasha Blaze

The doll formerly known as Etienne is on his way to his new home, where he'll be welcomed by someone who sews really well and is madly in love with him already. It's a good outcome for everyone.

In other news, when Elaine of Poshdolls calls a mohair wig "rose taupe," she really means delicate rose pink. I've finally found a wig that is completely, totally WTF???? on Mally Lee. Anybody happen to want a shoulder-length pale-pale pink mohair wig, size 8-9, hmmm? It's lovely, it's just . . . delicate rose pink.

Hey, Paul!! I'll be within reach of a good yarn shop on October 7, so I'll pick up more of that dark blue wool then, and get cracking on a sweater variation for you. You'll want it in Beau's size, am I right?
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What a lovely picture. :) Looks like those old B&W japanese shots. :)

I always encourage people sell off dolls they aren't bonding with. It leaves room for more buying. :)

I got my sweaters! YEAY! :)

8-9? So, like Unoa sized?

Nooooooo, the pink critter would be way too big for Unoa--they take 6-7. It's more like Hound size . . . a little too big for Saint, a little too small for big Customhouse skulls.

I like the "old photo" effect, too! That is the only picture I have left from the scads I took around New Year's. *mourning the loss of the old hard drive* *sniffle*

And YAY that the sweaters got there!!!

Ssshhh, don't mention more doll buying: Claudine wants a tan Shiwoo boyfriend, and I WILL NOT BUY ONE. Not, not, not.

*hugs to Etienne*

This is a GOOD thing, C. I'm glad you have this gorgeous photo of him and I'm glad to hear he's moving on to another one who will treasure him. By any chance, is it gayle? She was mentioning falling hard for a Narin on the HoundCalling list.

I so need to do a dollie clear out and couldn't for the life of my begin to explain why I'm not doing it. :(

Yep! He's going to be Gayle's Adam--this means I'm two for two, finding not just buyers but people who *really wanted* the dolls that weren't quite working for me. I don't want to push my luck, so . . . no more buying for me until I feel more settled or (as with Lady Mally) somewhere beyond head over heels.

I need to do a non-BJD clear out, too--but can I make myself decide to list the brunette Sasha baby or the red-haired Sasha boy (who both really need to go)? *sigh*

I'm going to knit for a while. It's a soothing form of avoidance behavior. ^_^

That is such a beautiful photo of the boys, and the costumes look amazing.

I'm SUCH a sucker for kimono sets--I'm ashamed to count how many I have. One of these days I should make some decisions about which ones to keep and which ones to sell, but it's soooooooo hard!

I saw the niftiest thing on Y!J: a BJD-sized kimono display rack. Wouldn't it be cool to have miniature kimonos adorning the house? I can't quite bring myself to pay bidding-service fees and EMS charges to buy three or four of the things, but I saved the picture, and I'll see whether I can coax somebody to try making them. (Maybe Reba and her standmaking son?)

That's a lovely parting photo, dear! I'm glad he's going to Gayle.
And knitting is an excellent form of avoidance behavior, in my opinion! So is doll painting. XD

Re: Sayonara Etienne!

Alas, I have no painting ability, but . . . yes, yarn in the hands is a sure insulator from many of the ills of earthly life.

I love the false sense of productivity it gives me, too. Am I grading papers? No. Am I writing the conference paper I have to deliver in a month? No. Am I filling out any of the curriculum-change forms that no one else will do? Er, no. But I have some purty sweaters to show for my time! ;-)

Oh, what a lovely way to say goodbye. I'm glad he's going to a good home.

I just bought a couple of mohairs from Elaine as well and looked at that rose taupe one. I really wonder what my "white mint green" will look like in person, now.

tooooooothpaste color . . . tooooooooothpaste color . . . LOL!

The rose taupe is very, very pretty, but, man, I was *definitely* thinking about something more on the taupe end of the spectrum than the rose. Mally looks better in lavendery fantasy wigs than pinky ones, but I haven't tried the pink one on Claudine yet--it might have possibilities.

I was looking at that wig too...was hoping it was more taupe than rose. Bummer.

Lovely photo! I hardly recognize Lyon in it.

I don't put Lyon in black wigs very often--this is his default, but I really don't think it suits him for everyday use. But when I first bought Etienne, I took a slew of kimono pictures of the two of them . . . all lost in the hard-drive crash except for this one, which I had uploaded to the Dollpage for some unknown reason. *sniffle*

I'll get some wig pictures this weekend, and you can see what the rose taupe is like in person--very pretty. Unmistakably pink. ;-)

love the picture. yes, you would be right, the sweater is for beau! thank you!

I will play with Beau-sized ideas, and see what happens! :-)

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