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Saying goodbye to the Narin

The doll formerly known as Etienne is on his way to his new home, where he'll be welcomed by someone who sews really well and is madly in love with him already. It's a good outcome for everyone.

In other news, when Elaine of Poshdolls calls a mohair wig "rose taupe," she really means delicate rose pink. I've finally found a wig that is completely, totally WTF???? on Mally Lee. Anybody happen to want a shoulder-length pale-pale pink mohair wig, size 8-9, hmmm? It's lovely, it's just . . . delicate rose pink.

Hey, Paul!! I'll be within reach of a good yarn shop on October 7, so I'll pick up more of that dark blue wool then, and get cracking on a sweater variation for you. You'll want it in Beau's size, am I right?
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