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Can this relationship be saved?

MALLY LEE: Fellows. They're all daft.

ATSUMORI: I thought that my lady would be pleased to see me wear this wig. She had remarked that I looked like a black crow. I thought that it was not a compliment.

MALLY LEE (in the background): I didn't tell you to look like a flaming eejit instead, now, did I?

MALLY LEE: And then yon daft wee man gets on the computer and tries to buy a wedding dress for me. This wedding dress.

ATSUMORI (in the background): It is a beautiful wedding dress. It is worthy of my lady.

MALLY LEE: It looks like a wedding cake, not a dress. And when did I say I'd marry the man, I ask you? I've God's own plenty of things to do in this life before I tie myself down. Now, put on your nice black wig, love, and act like a man of sense.

ATSUMORI: This wig pleases me.

to be continued . . . possibly with decent pictures . . .
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