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Can this relationship be saved?
Sasha Blaze
MALLY LEE: Fellows. They're all daft.

ATSUMORI: I thought that my lady would be pleased to see me wear this wig. She had remarked that I looked like a black crow. I thought that it was not a compliment.

MALLY LEE (in the background): I didn't tell you to look like a flaming eejit instead, now, did I?

MALLY LEE: And then yon daft wee man gets on the computer and tries to buy a wedding dress for me. This wedding dress.

ATSUMORI (in the background): It is a beautiful wedding dress. It is worthy of my lady.

MALLY LEE: It looks like a wedding cake, not a dress. And when did I say I'd marry the man, I ask you? I've God's own plenty of things to do in this life before I tie myself down. Now, put on your nice black wig, love, and act like a man of sense.

ATSUMORI: This wig pleases me.

to be continued . . . possibly with decent pictures . . .

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I just love a woman of strong will......
and the poor befuddled sot who will have to put up with her.

I'm afraid we have two equally strong wills here, even if one of them is deeply, deeply confused . . .

He was muttering something about trying a pink mohair wig next. I am moving all breakable objects into the basement.

And I've changed my credit-card number. ^_^

Hehehehehehehe. She is SO MUCH woman! I love her to bits - what a face!!! Those brows just slay me completely!


Oh, dear. I'm not sure my imagination will stretch much beyond this . . . but I do have pictures of Atsumori in the pink mohair wig!!! XD

Julia: Wise woman. If you wore that dress you'd look like a meringue.

Poor Atsu. Ullrich sends his sympathies. He has his hands full here too...

And a tacky sort of meringue at that. Now, if Dollmore only made a nice sleek Narciso Rodriguez-style wedding dress, I think we might not be at such an impasse . . .

Hah! But Ullrich's life will become somewhat simpler when the tall guest goes home, yes?

IT'S VERONICA DENISE!! and since I just now got it cut -- seriously -- IT LOOKS JUST LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^__^

omg. i look like mally lee. **happy happy dances** sans the boobs, the thinness, the legs, the sexy face, the great nose... oh.. right. bugger that.

i love him. he is clearly NOT LISTENING AT ALL and it's awesome. TEEEEE!

I told you it was Veronica Denise!! I utterly adore this wig on her--I didn't really expect it to work so well, but it looks terrific.

Well, he hasn't listened since I opened the box, so I can't say I expect him to start anytime soon. *Some* people's BJDs call them "mom" and do what they're told. Mine lecture me and abuse my credit cards. There's a moral in there somewhere.

The defining point of many relationships . . . living in one's own world . . . not really listening/hearing each other. And of course, one's own opinion is highest . . .

That Mally Lee is delightful in this new wig . . . a very head strong lass. Wonder what she sees in the black crow. *snickers*

Um. Could it be enough that he's pretty? (Granted, not in the monstrous orange wig, but . . . normally, he's pretty. ;-)

(Deleted comment)
That is Claudine's ideal wedding dress . . . but Claudine is thirteen and a half. (Also, she's short. And not very well-endowed. She could get away with a confection like that.)

Ooooo, now the riding-habit idea is stuck in my mind! How elegant would that be?? Eeep. *counting the pennies left over from buying Lady Mally and finding very, very few . . .* And lace handkerchiefs aren't totally incompatible with elegant wedding dresses in the form of riding habits, hmmm?

Immodestly, I must say I love her name too. I hadn't thought of that song in years, but it popped into my head at just the right moment. ;-)

ahahaha~ X3 well, if she ever decides to GET married I'll happily tailor her one if she wants. granted there's nothing wrong with prancing around in a wedding dress for no good reason other than feeling pretty and fancy!

Ahhhhh, very true--but there's pretty & fancy, and there's looking like a layer cake with royal icing . . . ;-)

Hey, did you get Jack and Ane opened? What do you think of them???

Okay now I'm in love with them both. I love confused boys and assertive girls. So, yeah, they both rock.

oh I do like the wild red wig. sue me.

Hah! I like that wig on him, too, but it is definitely too big for Peanut Head-san. I need to see whether Cancan makes it in 7-8 as well as 8-9.

Hang in their Atsumori!

I think she needs to be put in her place... but I'm not saying that too loudly because I think she can probably kick my ass. No... I KNOW she can kick my ass. :/

He's so adorable.

OT: I love your book collection there. At first that "weekend knitting" book I thought was titled "wicked knitters." Heh.

I bet I have a book around here somewhere with a title like "Wicked Knitters," heh heh heh. (Or several.) I'm going to need to rearrange my books, just so you all can get a look at some different titles now and then . . .

I also need more bookshelf space, because dolls are taking over the room that used to belong to the books. *sigh* I'm a packrat, what can I say?

I love that Atsumori is so totally and utterly smitten! Poor guy! He has got it bad. I adore Mally Lee. But it seems she does have a little soft spot for him? Oh and I love her outfit. Silly Atsumori - doesn't he ever really look at her style. ^____^

Oh and I was trying to read your knitting book titles too......

Hee! I think we should all take pictures of our bookshelves someday and post them. My knitting books are scattered all over the house, because I don't have an orderly mind . . .

Atsumori is turning out to be *so* stubbornly oblivious to reality: he sees what he wants to see, and in his mind the lady wears meringue confections and sits placidly sipping tea from fine cups. She, of course, has glommed onto the faboo Dollheart plaid boots, like any sensible woman. (But, yes, she does have a soft spot for him. As do I. ;-)

I love these photos for many reasons.
Just the photos themselves are super. The moods of Mally Lee and Atsumoroi are reflected in their postures, faces and locations to one another.

I love the fact they're on a bookcase. Love books to begin with.^^

Without words you know pretty much what is going on, but the dialogue really does adds a wonderful element and personality.

Serendipity! I had them plopped randomly on the top of the living-room bookcase, where my BJDs often hang out during the week (it's a fairly dark corner, and I like looking up and seeing them there) . . . and then I realized that their positions told a story. Love is rocky, eh?

I love these two, they make me laugh out loud every time. ^^

And this makes me want to take pictures of my dolls on my bookcases. I did a little photoshoot of St. James and Pierce with some of my books a while back just because I wanted my other obsession to get some camera time for once. Wasn't quite the same though. I love self-referential books like At Home With Books, which just shows photos of people's home libraries. If we posted a "your dolls on bookcases" picture request thread on DoA, would that go in Games?

Oh, I think it would stay in Picture Request . . . unless there would be a prize? *considering prize options* What a great idea!

I love the combination of dolls and books; I keep telling myself that this winter, when I'll have more time, I'll reorganize my house so that I can intersperse dolls and books a little more attractively. Right now, everything is a mess and every inch of book space is crammed full. Ugh!

Bwahahahah!! Yes, that dress . . . very not-Mally. I love that first photo of her, especially!!

And love Atsu-kun though I do . . . oh, dear, she's right about that wig.

-- A ;>

I think if that wig *fit* him, it wouldn't be bad . . . and, actually, it looks quite nice on HER. (A good thing, since I bought it with her in mind. ;-)

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