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Atsumori tries again . . .

ME: Er. Atsu-kun, are you sure that wig is a good idea?

ATSUMORI: Hai. I do not resemble a black crow.

ME: Well, I suppose that's one way to put it.

MALLY LEE (from the top of the bookcase): I'll not come down until he takes off that monstrous thing.

ME (desperately casting about for a solution): You know, Atsumori, I think the real problem here is that . . . that . . . that the wig matches your shirt. Right. It just isn't fashionable this season to coordinate your hair to your clothes.

ATSUMORI: I am a samurai and a scholar. Fashion is of no interest to me.

MALLY LEE: Where's that stout lad with the muscles, again?
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