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Atsumori tries again . . .
Sasha Blaze
ME: Er. Atsu-kun, are you sure that wig is a good idea?

ATSUMORI: Hai. I do not resemble a black crow.

ME: Well, I suppose that's one way to put it.

MALLY LEE (from the top of the bookcase): I'll not come down until he takes off that monstrous thing.

ME (desperately casting about for a solution): You know, Atsumori, I think the real problem here is that . . . that . . . that the wig matches your shirt. Right. It just isn't fashionable this season to coordinate your hair to your clothes.

ATSUMORI: I am a samurai and a scholar. Fashion is of no interest to me.

MALLY LEE: Where's that stout lad with the muscles, again?

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He's trying SO hard, though! Hmmm....actually that wig kinda kicks ass, if it was in another colour - I would have thought the bulkier look wouldn't suit him, but it does. And where on earth did he get such cool duds????

I'm surprised too, but the big fluffy mohair wigs DO work on that little Saint head--it's just the pink that's a mistake. (A bad, bad mistake.) I'm going to get out that apricot one that I bought from Bel again . . .

Isn't that vest the niftiest thing? It's from Moggie's Toyshop on eBay--real leather, and an absolutely perfect miniature version of a real-people piece. The shirt is Tensiya, the pants are from petiteballerine on DoA. (Her Dollshe trousers pattern is terrific.)

Oh man I like this wig too. You're right I didn't expect the big hair wigs to work, but they so do. I think Mally Lee is looking for that D doll.

Even if she isn't, the D ego will assume she is . . . though I suspect he sees her more as a useful ally (good with a sword, you know, and equipped with a nice long reach) than as a Girl.

The pinkness notwithstanding, I do like this general idea for the Saint head. I think the volume of the wig helps to balance that narrow face.

LOL yep Dance is THAT way as well.

Well the pinkness is interesting. I like the look of the wig a lot. Though it makes him look even more studious. *note I did not say nerd*

LOL! Geeks of the World, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your myopia!

The pinkness actually looks much better in these photographs than it does without the help of the lens. I do *not* understand this. *staring accusingly at camera, which may be possessed*

LOL, yesterday Marti met AleX for the first time and actually exclaimed over the fact that his upper lids are shaded, that NEVER comes out in pictures.
So I guess I welcome you to the company of owners of totally possessed cameras.

Dont tell but I like the wig ... not cool to have hair/shirt co ordinate though
Geeze that MallyLee has such opinions

Opinions she does have! And she has no room to talk in the big-hair department right now . . . though at least she isn't matching her hair to her clothes. ;-)

I heart Mally Lee!
I must admit I prefer a more severe look for Atsumori, but the mohair isn't a bad fit. Just a really unnatural color.

I think if that wig had been more taupe than rose, it would be a keeper--but as it is, everyone at my house is firmly rejecting it. (Though I haven't tried it on Sejong, come to think of it . . . but nah, that's too scary to contemplate.)

(Deleted comment)
This is a very good point--I was getting a late 18th-century/Romantic vibe from the style and soft color, too. I wish Elaine would make one that's more of a true taupe than a powder-pink. *sending visualizations toward Hong Kong*

Hmmm, definitely not very manly!

Are you still looking for a home for that wig?
It would work on my School C girl, who's head is too teeny for the Neale mohairs.....those cover her ears.

Let me check with Sher--she had thought she might want it. But if she doesn't, it's all yours! I'll email you later, 'k?

lol, stout lad with the muscles :D

this is so amusing!

and the girls all here and the boys too all say "Take off that wig!"

Comedy is our default around here . . .

Pink = Not For Us. I have orange wigs, lavender wigs, green wigs . . . but I've never kept a pink wig longer than a week. Yet I *like* pink. 'Tis a puzzlement. ;-)

Hmmm... bald is good? Maybe? ::blinks::

Poor unfashionable hawt samurai scholar man. ;)

Oh, oh, oh--I love it! I hadn't thought about him being stubborn enough to try the teeny-tiny gleaming bald skull on her. *scribbling down notes*

It may be time for the other guys to step in and have a Talk with him soon. (Though they might just stand back and let him hang himself with the lady, so they can have a chance with her . . .)

Julia likes Mally Lee. LOL

That is quite the pink wig, and I concur with the census that in another color it would be a complete winner.

Get the two gals together, and they can rule the world . . . of course, they'll need better shoes first. ;-)

I'm keeping my eyes open for one of the chocolate mohairs from Poshdolls. One thing I realized (and this was the good part about buying two at once) is that the wig cap sizes are *really* variable--Mally's cocoa one is considerably smaller than this pink one.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, lovely!! I've heard of The Peony Pavilion, but never read it . . . and The Carnal Prayer Mat is now on my list, too.

"Chinese scholarly erotica." This phrase made a blue early morning much brighter. ;-)

That wig... doesn't look terrible on him. ?! His duds are sharp, too. MALLY'S BOOTS ROCK!!

I got a chocolate one from Poshdolls last week too - is that what Mally's wearing? Mine's muuuch darker. (And my "mint" wig is perfect, the exact shade of algae-tinged ice that I hoped. )

It really doesn't look bad, 'tis true--I would probably have kept it if the wig cap hadn't been seriously too big for him.

Oooyeah, I LOOOOOOOOVE those plaid boots!!

Mally's is "cocoa," not chocolate . . . I would call it cinnamon, myself. I do want one of the chocolate ones, though; I really like the length and fullness of these, where most mohair wigs are a little too huge for me. Yay, I'm glad the mint color is what you wanted!!!

I love that wig and the color is great . . . ahhh, but it's a tad too femme I think for Atsumori . . . he doesn't look quite right in it, I don't think . . . makes him look grumpy. Ohhh wait, that might just be me - tired and waaaay past my bedtime. Heh!! ;)


Ah, he's just being difficult--it was an exceptionally grumpy weekend all the way around. The pink critter is now well out of his reach, and all wig choices are being vetted by a committee before he goes out in public.

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